After moving to new york city in her early 20s she turned her life over from partying to taking yoga three times a day. Although yoga had helped her off hard drugs a few years into teaching Adriana found herself still suffering with addictions and devoted her life to learning how to be a more authentic yoga and meditation teacher. She continued to heal and grow as a yoga teacher and found herself on four pilgrimages to study the ancient wisdom teachings and songs of India.

Adriana finds her passion and best medicine right now to be in offering chanting in the form of kirtans and training others how to heal and become turned on to the love within through yoga, meditation, and hair healing sessions, empowering other to live a more fulfilled and enjoyable life. To bring in an element of FUN into the healing journey, and spread the message of beauty coming from the soul and not the skin.

She has a knack for making singers out of people who don't sing, and bringing a joyous, strong and healing component into all of her teaching. she helps others find their unique fire inside and build an authentic connection to spirit as a guide through healing meditation, yoga, movement, ritual and kirtan.  

Adriana is dedicated to living in gratitude for the spirit that flows through all. grace and many supportive people have helped her moved through shame, trauma, closed voice, blocked creative expression, addiction and anxiety, and she now humbly walks the path of a wounded healer and feminine freedom supporter.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, finds comfort in wild places and is letting her adventurous spirit guide the way in her life.