Adriana Rizzolo is a traditional yoga and meditation teacher, kirtan leader, hair stylist and facilitator of women's circles. Through her work supporting women to uncover and embody their soul voices, she acts as a guide to the wild and windy path of the authentic heart, and illuminates the power of choosing unconditional love above all else as the way to transform hardship into spiritual growth. She helps others learn how to not only hold safe spaces but brave spaces of realness and depth.

Adriana is a devoted student of Ram Dass and bhakti yoga, and is of  kashmir shaivism lineage. She studies and mentors with many amazing women such as Laura Amazzone and Mirabai Starr. Her meditation and mentorship is energy-based and her facilitation supports connection with the depths of one's being, and with the beauty and the strength that live within. This approach is a one-of-a-kind, light-hearted empowered "self-unfoldment," as opposed to "self-improvement." 

Adriana's teaching and facilitation is known for its earthy, light-hearted and FUN approach with the ability to take you into places where transformation can occur. Her work comes from over 10 years of training in India and in NewYork.  Her expertise is in uncovering the Divine Feminine presence within—a path that manifested organically many years ago when she began a women's circle in her living room, and it grew to be an internationally known movement.

Additionally, Adriana leads teacher trainings and facilitates online mentorships to support women in holding women's circles and developing healing practices of their own. She has specific experience in the areas of sobriety, grief, finding one's true voice, and growth through big life transitions. Her teachings emphasize learning to navigate the subtle body and chakra system, to honor the wisdom within the sacred feminine, and to re-establish a deep connection with the natural world.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, finds comfort in wild places and is letting her adventurous spirit guide the way in her life.