Adriana is the founder of Awakened Feminine Yoga, student and teacher of Living Meditation, and the co-founder of Awakened Feminine.  Awakened Feminine is a movement and a community of women committed to seeing each other's full potential, and supporting one another on a path of self-growth. Several years into teaching yoga, Adriana realized that even though she had studied with some of the world’s greatest yoga teachers, she didn’t always know how to translate this into a deep, authentic happiness when she was off the mat. She went on a fierce journey of self-discovery and had a profound awakening within her own yoga practice and life. She is a dedicated student of meditation and spiritual leader David Harshada Wagner, assists and teaches on his retreats, and has traveled on pilgrimage to India multiple times. She passes all of this knowledge and love on to her students through her private training and workshops, writings, kirtans, and online training courses in her practical, straight-talking, no-nonsense approach. Find out more about Adriana on her Website,  Facebook and Instagram.

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Spiritual Leadership and Meditation Training with David Harshada Wagner 2011-current

Teacher Mentorship with Nikki Costello 2014

Abhaya Yoga Anusara 200 hour Teacher Training 2010

Reiki Level 1 and 2 with Lisa Levine 2011-2012

Golden Bridge Kundalini training level 1 2009

Karma Kids children's yoga teacher training 2009

Thai Massage training Level 1 with Antionette Maclachlan 2008

Vocal and harmonium lessons with Shyama Chapin, Suzin Green, Lakshmi Marfil Delgado and others