Adriana is a spiritual, yoga and meditation teacher, podcast host (Soul Crush), writer, facilitator of contemplative and embodiment practices. Her school 'The Power of Love' is inspired by the Indian wisdom mystical tradition of non-dual Tantra and Bhakti Yoga, has devoted the last 15 years to constantly seeking what God is and means to her, and is most recently inspired by the true teachings of Christ and the path of radical compassion and living spirit.

Her playful, fun approach to spirituality makes it easy for all people to connect to their birthright to know pleasure, beauty and with the courage and passion to serve the world. She approaches all teachings through the lense of the feminine— one of INCLUSIVENESS, relatedness and interconnection between all things. Music and devotional worship and ritual play a huge part in her life and offerings.

Adriana has trained, taught and studied in traditional kundalini, kundalini by yogi Bhajan, Anusara yoga, Iyengar, vinyasa, and restorative, kashmir shaivism and vedantic philosophy. She holds a non-judgemental space for sobriety having gotten sober 7 1/2 years ago as part of learning how to live her truth. She believes in the fierceness of the tender heart and it’s potential to heal and how much compassion is found in our service and human suffering. 

Adriana has a deep connection to India and all the liberation the body and heart has to offer our world, no matter what we look like or who we are. She feels a compulsion to spread the miracle that deep presence can have one one another. Through retreats, workshops, trainings, writing and private one to one sessions makes singers out of people who can't sing, dancers out of those who claim to not dance, grievers out of the numb and receivers out of those of us too afraid to let the Power of Love in. Along with a few other friends, she has a service project in India called LoveSeva to provide those outcasted from society free meditation classes and therapy. She lives with her full heart between Ojai and Los Angeles California.