Awakened Feminine Yoga

Awakened Feminine Yoga is designed specifically to empower women in their process of healing and transformation.  It is a practice and an offering to support the mission of Awakened Feminine, a movement geared towards uplifting and creating a supportive community for empowered women.  Through classes, workshops, one to one and semi-private sessions, AF yoga is a physical and energetic practice that connects you to your true beauty and power as a woman. 

The way that it works, is that you will automatically be seen as the powerful soul that you are. From there you will learn the tools that you can use to connect to your beauty and strength, as well as the support of other women. Practicing asana, meditation and visualization, you will begin to know and nourish the relationship to the unlimited power within. Having the support to do so, which is so imperative but lacking in most yoga communities, makes ALL the difference in your progress. AF is a worldwide organization that was created to help women grow and thrive through the support of other women. So naturally AF Yoga cultivates a similar community, only through using our bodies as a way to connect and love.

Creating a practice to your needs as a woman will help you learn how to heal anything that may be holding you back form fully expressing yourself in the world. AF Yoga is about the depth of love and strength that you can connect to in your body, and in your life.