~a healing event invoking greater pleasure, power and purpose~

Private Residence in the Bay Area

Sunday, July 28, 2019 2-6pm

Before 7/4 $108 after $128

$50 deposit to save your spot!




Join Kathryn and Adriana for an afternoon celebrating courage, healing shame in the body, making space for Grace in the heart and opening to deeper pleasure, power and purpose.

Calling in 17 women to reclaim and share in the eternal, wild feminine within and honor the power of your body, heart and womb in a super fun, down to Earth loving environment.

Come celebrate your darkness, rage, grief and TURN ON the JOY. Access freedom in your body and tap into a deeper willingness to express who you are in the heart.

In this 4 hour circle and ceremony, Kathryn and Adriana will guide you through a deep multi-sensory exploration of your heart and voice.  Movement, meditation, ritual, chanting and a discussion on the wild feminine will reveal your body’s natural capacity to receive while tapping into the wellspring of pleasure that is your birthright.

We will explore the topics of God, sex and beauty, making space for all to be heard in loving space that assumes your wholeness and wisdom. We will practice loving touch (upon consent) and expand all our capacity to receive in the areas of business, pleasure and intimacy.

Working with the Goddess Lakshmi, we will support feelings of unworthiness, self-doubt, anger/rage, pain and addiction to arise and invoke the abundance available when we allow ourselves to be seen and to see one another in a n authentic space.

This will be a very powerful and potent vortex of healing, replenishing and restoring depleted energy and connection and there is nothing to be afraid of but please come prepared and willing to heal things old trauma, feel grief, joy, numbness, wildness and divinity through the vessel of your body, heart and mind. You will be protected and we ask that you abstain from drugs or alcohol at least a fews days before the ceremony if possible. Sign up below and email adriana@artoflovingyou.com with any questions or concerns!

All who identify as female are welcome. No experience necessary. Scholarships available for POC/LGBTQ/Single Mamas please email adriana@artoflovingyou.com to apply.

Kathryn and Adriana collectively have 20 years of experience guiding women intelligently, intuitively, gently, yet fiercely back to their hearts. You will be held and taken very good care of by these souls. 

Cost:$108 before 7/4 and $128 after

$50 deposit to save your spot!

Once you sign up you will get details on the address and all other info. and if you are curious about that email us, we’d love to hear from you!

Deposits are non-refundable
No refunds for cancelation with exceptions of course



Marianne Williamson once said that “It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

We are all born with a light within that carries us through our lives.  At times, however, as life presents us with challenges, that light may dim. My childhood was frenetic. At seven, I watched my little brother die, and navigated those years with chronic anxiety.  At 23 I was out of school, unemployed, and hiding the truth about an unhealthy relationship. I was numb to life. My light had gone out. “The light has left your eyes,” I heard my mother say. I don’t know if yoga found me or I found it. Through a regular practice, within a year, I found healing and eventually, my calling to help others find theirs.

I have been teaching private and public yoga classes since 2011 in neighborhoods throughout NYC.  I teach all ages, levels, and abilities. In my classes I provide a welcoming  and safe space for my students to explore, heal, and have fun. My classes include philosophical teachings, poetry, breath work, and alignment principles which weave into a flow that gently challenges students to grow into their fullest potential. 

I recieved my RYT 200 Vinyasa certification in 2011 and an RYT 500 advanced training under the tutelage of Tara Glazier and Zhenja La Rosa in 2013.

For years I  made myself smaller, hiding in the shadows of others - hiding my own light. Yoga guided me back to my magic and peace. Stepping into our inner power is what yoga is all about and I love that my life is about helping my students break their barriers, on the mat, and perhaps in their own lives.


Adriana is a spiritual, yoga and meditation teacher, podcast host (Soul Crush), writer, teacher of contemplative and embodiment practices. Her school 'The Power of Love' is inspired by the Indian wisdom mystical tradition of non-dual Tantra and Bhakti Yoga, has devoted the last 15 years to constantly seeking what God is and means to her, and is most recently inspired by the true teachings of Christ.

Her playful, fun approach to spirituality makes it easy for all people to connect to their birthright to know pleasure, beauty and with the courage and passion to serve the world. She approaches all teachings through the lense of the feminine— one of INCLUSIVENESS, relatedness and interconnection between all things. Music and devotional worship and ritual play a huge part in her life and offerings.

Adriana has trained, taught and studied in traditional kundalini, kundalini by yogi Bhajan,  Anusara yoga, Iyengar, vinyasa, and restorative, kashmir shaivism and vedantic philosophy. She holds a non-judgemental space for sobriety having gotten sober 7 1/2 years ago as part of learning how to live her truth. She believes in the fierceness of the tender heart and it’s potential to heal and how much compassion is found in our service and human suffering. 

Adriana has a deep connection to India and all the liberation the body and heart has to offer our world, no matter what we look like or who we are. She feels a compulsion to spread the miracle that deep presence can have one one another. Through retreats, workshops, trainings, writing and private one to one sessions makes singers out of people who can't sing, dancers out of those who claim to not dance, grievers out of the numb and receivers out of those of us too afraid to let the Power of Love in. Along with a few other friends, she has a service project in India called LoveSeva to provide those outcasted from society free meditation classes and therapy. She lives with her full heart between Ojai and Los Angeles California.