Bhakti <3

In bhakti, we make something sacred through love and devotion. It becomes sacred and close. Sacred and very intimate. Then, in that space our heart opens, we soften. Our mind let’s loose of it’s firm hold on limiting concepts. We blossom. Our meditation practice feels holy. At some stage, we get that it is not only holy, the very actions themselves are Divine. It is God meditating on God. We chant and we experience it is God singing and the singing is God and the mantras are God and the bliss we feel is God. We wash dishes and it is God washing God and the washing itself is God.

Bhakti yoga takes these actions and, by making them sacred, somehow lubricates them and allows them to slip more easily into the non-dual experience. Then, not only is our meditation candle an expression of Grace and the inner experience we have an expression of Grace. But so is the pain we feel in our knee. So is the racket going on outside your meditation room. Not only is it Grace that you’re feeding people in a bandara, it is also Grace when someone complains about the food. It’s even Grace when someone gets food poisoning! Do you get it? it is a very elegant process. We use the bhakti yoga to sort of tenderize our reality to make it more plausibly Divine.

Excerpt from David H Wagner - Teacher's home study course on the Bhagavad Gita. Sign up here … 

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