Fearless Freedom

#artofloving #freedom

#artofloving #freedom

You may have heard that fearlessness isn't about not experiencing fear, it's about acting in spite of it.  Fear likes to pop up on the path all the time.  So how do you love yourself where you're at and continue to move forward into the person you want to be, even when fear and all types of intense stuff comes up along the way?

One thing I've found is giving myself to space to mess up, especially if it's the first time I'm doing something. If you are on a conscious path of evolution chances are you're going to be doing new things, and trying out ways of being, ALL THE TIME. So here is your permission slip to not be so hard on yourself.

What is it that makes you hold back speaking your truth, or putting yourself out there creatively?  Sometimes you can even tap into the feeling of holding back.  It is a good thing to look at because you can start to recognize it and call it's bluff.  Then you have space to choose a new way, even if you fail at it the first few (or 100) times.

Sometimes this is so much easier said than done.  Sometimes we just get stuck, paralyzed almost. If this is the case then it can be helpful to find out what really turns you on and gets you going.  What do you do that connects you to a feeling of expansiveness and passion?  Incorporate more of that into your life, or even just connect to the energy of it in any given moment.   And if you don't have anything like that going on yet, then set an intention for it and start to try some things out.

Your yoga practice will support all of this if it is working for you.  Hopefully it will not only show you what's possible in your body, but provide you with the support that you need to make the necessary shifts on your path of transformation, both inner and outer.  Yoga will wake you up to your innate goodness and power, but it's up to you to own it.  It's up to you to get the support you need for it.  In the face of fear, in the face of anger, in the face of new Love, in the face of challenging life stuff, it's always there.  Go for it as fully as possible, resist the resistance and use it all to learn where your growth edges are.  

You are so much more than your mistakes, and your successes will come and go so quickly.  But the part of you that knows the truth of your heart, the part of you that can play with it all, your essence, remains.  Try and stay close to that, grant yourself the freedom to fuck up, and as my teacher David Harshada Wagner always says … "learn to laugh at your egos antics."



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