Walk Your Talk

From the perspective of a yoga teacher who's done a lot of work and cares about you deeply
The basic assumption in yoga is that you are Good. That deep inside everything and everyone is. My wish is that all yoga teachers know this in their bodies and that their lives reflect that truth. I hope your yoga teachers support your freedom. My wish is they they have even the slightest clue about their own. Not because they had an epiphany and think they are enlightened, but because they put the time into practices and a path that truly has changed them and their lives. So when they teach it doesn't just feel good (or in some cases bad), but TRUE to your incarnation as a soul in a body. 

I hope your teachers and peers can be honest with you because they know how to be honest with themselves. Because they have people in their lives that aren't afraid to be real with them. May we ALL be open to receiving truth and intense Love. This is yoga. I hope that all yoga teachers don't become so consumed by how to make a living that they forget they are YOGIS. And that they know how to own that and help you find a way towards that too. In your life not just the confines of their studio. May your teachers not pretend to be perfect but also not assume everyone is fucked either. (Some of us aren't). 

In a perfect world your teacher will help you practice and learn to live and love in a way that is really beneficial to you and the people around you. So you can then serve others with your own goodness. That they aren't afraid to be real with you because they themselves are getting real. Maybe that's a lot to ask in this weird world of yoga nowadays, but personally I know how important that all is to your heart and your growth. How crucial it is to you being YOU. Whoever that is. 

You don't have to join the herd. Fuck the herd. You just have to be you. Do what really works for you and be honest about the support and love you are getting. Or not getting. By no means should you wait. You deserve it. Now. 

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