What is Awakened Feminine Yoga

Awakened Feminine Yoga is a mission to bring empowerment and beauty to the practices of yoga.  It was born as a part of the Awakened Feminine movement, as a tool to find connection and self-love through yoga.  To train you to connect to the unlimited inner beauty that you possess.  Through private & semi-private sessions and workshops, AFY creates a strong support and high vibration community for yogis to get the inspiration and encouragement that is necessary on the path of yoga, but is sometimes left out of classes.  Exploring your body, voice and heart with this approach will train you to shift patterns in your body and life, bringing about true healing.  Nourishing the part of us that gets fed when we intentionally come together to connect as women, AFY provides the resources to uplift, heal and transform.  I am here to train you to remove whatever is in your way of experiencing yourself in all of your beauty and all of your power. The rest is up to you.


Adriana RizzoloComment