Self-Love is Sweet

Part of the foundation of Awakened Feminine Yoga is Self-Love.  Self-Love is one of the main focuses of my training with spiritual and transformational teacher David Harshada Wagner.  My dear friend Matt asked me to make a list for my blog, and since we are heading on our Advanced Training retreat to Menla Mountain House this weekend, I thought I would share some of my favorite Harshada teachings on Self-Love.

1.  More Snuggle, Less Struggle --   Allowing yourself to be held by universe.  When you are feeling alone, snuggling up to your connection and YOUR experience of being held in the blanket of God's Love can be great medicine (meditation helps).  Soooo Good!

2. Let the universe fuck you, and enjoy it --  We'll add and be grateful for it too.  The universe has happiness and pleasure  beyond your wildest dreams, it is your job to open up to not only receiving but also enjoying it.   You are already worthy (meditation helps).

3. Beware the enemies of joy --   Harshada often tells us to have a sword to protect the entrance to your heart cave. Find those that you can truly trust with the vulnerability of your heart (meditation helps).

4. Don't let your mind cock block your heart -- Don't believe your mind, make the relationship to your heart strong, and let your heart be loud (meditation helps). 

5. Self-Love through service --  All we can ever do to help others is to stop struggling ourselves. When we stop struggling and get beyond our bullshit, the energy is contagious.  Being willing to be there and truly see others and what they need is a deep spiritual practice.  The more you give, the more you feel (meditation helps).  

6. Stay in your power - When you learn how to receive the infinite joy and love of the universe, you also have to learn how to stay in your POWER as you do so.  To be an AWAKE participant in your relationships, with Spirit and with your life (meditation helps).

7.  Practice (meditation helps).

***See you all next week!  If you want more info. on the work with Harshada I have been doing over the past few years go to Living Meditation . <3***



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