Be Yourself!

Although it takes work to get there, ultimately all we have to do is be ourselves.  People love when we are open and vulnerable because it helps all of us connect and heal, coming back to the light and the love that we are.

Having experiences of feeling safe and strong is a key to the fearlessness it takes to truly be ourselves.  Your asana practice can give you an experience of feeling safe and good in your body and heart.  It can show you how to practice opening into a trust of something deeper and higher than you, that IS you.  Restorative yoga moves your system out of fight or flight mode and into a deeper state of receptivity, openness and Love.  In that spaciousness you release inner tension and allow your body and mind the reboot it needs.

Immersing yourself in the energy of Love also gives you an opportunity to connect to your own POWER and WORTH.  You begin to KNOW how good you really are.  Just by being you.  

XO Adriana

Adriana RizzoloComment