I don't want no separation ...

Words from Where Are You Going?  By Swami Muktananda ...

We meditate and perform spiritual practices only in order to make the intellect pure enough to reflect the effulgence of the Self.  

One who depends on the senses for happiness is constantly looking for new things to satisfy.  New tastes, new music, new love.  But since the bliss of the Self is always different, a yogi never gets tired of it.

Jnaneshwar Maharij said, "The effulgence of the Self is ever new."

Most people think that yoga consists of the physical movements of hatha yoga, but the true meaning of yoga is "reunion," the reunion with the Self from which you have become separated.

This is a song by Spirit Family Reunion.  I love the lyrics … I don't want no separation, and I don't keep no bad company …  So true.

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