Create You

Yoga helps us tap into our unlimitedness and gives us authority over our lives.  Before we step into this seat of power, we choose and act according to our conditioning.  Then we wake up.  We wake up to who and what we are on an Ultimate level AND we wake up to our uniqueness as human beings.  I have been finding recently that this is a two way street.  When we are living our truth and taking action towards our vision, we are raising our vibration and fulfilling a deeper purpose, our dharma.  This is a lot like the experience we have when we learn how to meditate, or open up our bodies in asana.  In both, we are deepening our connection to Spirit and we are deepening our connection to ourselves.  The key is in how and why we do what we do ... our intention.  

What is your relationship to your ability to create?  What holds you back from expressing yourself and sharing your gifts with the world?  Being YOU and sharing your heart through creative expression is what you were put here on this Earth to do.  A strong sense of self-worth, connection to a higher power, and a supportive, inspiring community around you are imperative to you expressing your creativity freely and fearlessly.

Awakened Feminine Yoga creates the space and support for you to be you.  No matter how close or far you feel from freedom or living your vision, there are steps you can take all along the way.  

Xo Adriana

Adriana RizzoloComment