Burst your yoga bubble!

Last night I went to see Adyashanti give a talk.  If you don't know him watch this and find out, he's pretty awesome.  During the question and answer portion, one sweet woman asked how to protect herself from not energetically taking on others peoples "stuff."  She was a healer or teacher of some sort.  His insight in short was about learning how to be in her body and get grounded THERE.  And to let things move through.  Sounds good right?  But how do we actually DO that?  How do we have a connection that deep to ourselves and our bodies?

As women especially we take on other peoples energy and stuff all the time, without even realizing it.  It is SO important for us to be grounded in our bodies.  And I don't just mean going to yoga class ALL THE TIME, because I have spent many yoga classes completely in my head, disconnected form my body.  Whatever it is you do for spiritual practice make sure that it helps you LET GO and experience the power of your being.  Otherwise you are just adding on something else to do without getting all that you can out of it.  You start moving into a yoga bubble.  YOGA is POWERFUL, it's NOT a BUBBLE.  It should help you get to know your true self more and more and bring you into a stronger connection with Love and Truth.  Any spiritual practice should, and if it doesn't then try something else!  

Your connection and practice can help you as you help others or even as you are"taking on" things from others that are affecting you negatively.  This way your practice becomes something that brings you closer to others, not further away.  And reminds you of who and what you truly are.

The rigidness that sometimes comes along with a yoga practice does not always help you to have a deeper and more loving experience of your body or your self.  It can actually be quite the opposite depending on where the teacher (and you) are coming from.   We can help each other LEARN TO LOVE ourselves and connect to the depth of beauty, self-worth and POWER that is within.  There are SO many ways we can do this, just make sure you are getting ALL you are worth!  Then you don't have to worry about what you are taking on. Because you know what you are and have a practice and peers that really show you when you forget.

Contact me for a private healing session to shape up your connection the LOVE inside, and come on the Living Meditation retreat at Omega this July.  There is no better way to connect to and then steep in the energy of Truth and Love that is right inside of you.  You get to experience it without all the things in your life calling at you and while LIVING YOUR LIFE.  Swimming, playing, practicing deep, fun meditations.  Go here for more info. on the retreat.