Funny Ass Soul Family

How cool is it that we all get to experience and mirror each other's beauty and the power of being a soul, and not have to take ourselves so seriously?!  Something that David H Wagner has said is that we begin to be able to laugh at our ego's antics on our path.  I have always been drawn to funny people.  I grew up in New Jersey with a totally insane but also very funny father.  I almost married someone at a young age because he made me laugh CONSTANTLY.  I even dated a comedian for a while.  Laughter has always been great medicine for me, so it is no surprise that I found a teacher like David who's sense of humor is one of the ways that he gets you to be yourself and connect to the natural love that you already are.  It is a true skill to be able to create a sense of ease within the context of what can be sometimes perceived as such a serious and rigid practice.  

Up until now I have  taken my inner wounds and "stuff" very seriously.  I have invested a lot of time towards healing them, but before that I had also invested a lot of time committed to them.  Unconsciously living from them, perceiving and identifying myself as them.  I can see why it is taking some time to to unravel.  I want to acknowledge how powerful it is to have people that you know deeply support your freedom and unconditionally love you, also be able to laugh at your ego's antics.  I experience this with my friends, peers and students ALL the time.  

Although it is still way easier for me to laugh at theirs,  just knowing they are laughing at mine brings a little bit of space to something that might otherwise be infecting my being and leaking into my beautiful life.  I love having a teacher and a community that makes jokes and does not take themselves too seriously.  We have FUN!  We experience SO MUCH JOY and LOVE with strong foundation of TRUTH and UNWAVERING support.  The other part to it is that we also take our happiness, our freedom, and our ability to love and serve very seriously - and are deeply committed to it.  Without that foundation in my experience true transformation is hard to find.

So here is a THANKS and a LOVE BLAST to all of you!  I love you and I am so blessed to know you are here laughing and loving FULL ON with me.  This photo totally encapsulates the snuggly love and laughter that we all get to experience when we are deeply connected. 



* I hope to see you all at David Harshada Wagner's Radical Happiness Retreat at Kripalu next month!* 

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