Don't Hate - Celebrate!

It is all too easy on the spiritual path to forget how far we've come.  I do want to mention that it is important to be honest about what needs healing and where we want to go to keep us awake and alive to our own process of evolution.  And getting support with this is usually a good idea because we can be really good at bullshitting ourselves.  But today I'm speaking to the part of us that doesn't ever stop to feel sweet content and acknowledge all the amazing transformation we have experienced already. The spiral of thoughts around what we don't have, or what we don't know yet,  what we're working on - can lead us right down into the gutter of hating on ourselves and where we are at if we let it.  

I had an interesting reminder of this today.  As I sat on the subway back from Soho this morning after my private session, I was sitting across from a woman wearing sunglasses, a dirty denim coat and holding an egg sandwich wrapped in tinfoil in her hand.  She asked me if the train went to Broadway Junction and I told her it did.  I sat there and connected to my heart and started to fill the train and the people on it with sparkle and with the light of my connection.  I was shifting my awareness from the rainy, kind of cold, a little cranky state that I woke up with today.

When I brought my attention to her I noticed she was nodding out as she fumbled to eat her sandwich.  I recognized her vibe so clearly, it was very familiar and at the same time it was also so foreign.  In a moment I realized that I grew up around that exact vibe.  My father was an addict and he was oftentimes in that state of being check out, having a hard time even sitting up as he drank his 711 coffee and ate his deli sandwich - much like hers.  I almost forgot but this reminded me how that is a fucking HEAVY ass vibe.  As I sat there and loved her I realized that was where I came from.  That energy, that need, that deep ingrained unconsciousness was and is a part of me.  The intense reality that I could have wound up like this woman hit me like an arrow straight through to my soul.  I didn't feel attached or upset by her or her state like i may have in the past, I felt damn grateful.  By the Grace of God I found a path, a teacher, and people that can support me not only in not being free from addiction but also help me connect to the infinite possibilities there are when you are on a path of freedom.

Anyone who suffers from, or who has loved ones who suffer from addiction or has in the past - knows what a torment and love sucker it is.  Even just smoking weed creates anxiety and is a total vibe bummer from my perspective.  It can make the love between two people so impossible to find or connect to.  I have witnessed so many amazing people around me flourish and grow - and most of all get REAL and CONNECTED to all they beauty that they are on this path of yoga.  Today I celebrate, honor and Love where I came from and where I am.  I feel grateful that I can connect so deeply to the people around me, and to help them remember their goodness.  For me a big piece of the puzzle was about addiction, but for you it may be different.  

This is and invitation to look at, feel and even express to yourselves HOW FAR YOU'VE COME! Whatever that means for you. Acknowledge all of your wisdom, all of the deep heart experiences that you've had, all the difficult decisions you've faced and moved through, all the failures, and all of your successes.  Let them help you rise up in celebration of all the LOVE, BEAUTY and STRENGTH that you are today.  My wish is for you to remember where you came from, and more importantly where you are right now.  Feel it in your heart and in your bones, and share it with the people around you.  You have earned it, and I am so proud of you for all of it.

With deep Respect and Love,


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