Silent Sleeping

silent sleeping

my own soul chose to

Love- to see this

beauty in all of life.


i was away  from

my own soul

so long-

making my way when

a cool breeze through

my window showed me

that we never actually


a cloudy morning reminds me of

my own burning- to write, to

sing, to know you, touch you,

to hold you

a clean smoke filled space

makes room  for the bigness

of our Love-  the sparkle in

your heart won't forget

me when i am right here

with you in the waking

of your breath-

silent sleeping

light peeks through a

broken remembrance

of how much I love this

sacred calling

into the heart of the

One-  your own passion

and life become a place

to rest in while

a wish to grieve upon

waking is swallowed

by a connection

now left in Love.