Ending 2014 with Love

Today I am celebrating 3 years of being sober. For me sobriety is a about liberation. It's not just about being an addict or having certain tendencies- it's also about being a yogi and a seeker. It's about being awake and having the ability and strength to choose my life. The awareness to constantly evolve and soften and love more. The day I chose to get sober it was more about choosing to not do what I normally did which was eat a bunch of shrooms and smoke weed and tobacco with my friends. I had done that for so long - and I longed for a different, more awake and loving experience of life.

I knew then I could never have the connection to God that I wanted or be able to serve the way I desired to or have the kind of relationships I always dreamt of if I couldn't make the choice to be sober. I could feel the intensity and the importance of that on my particular path. Today I woke up super tender and grateful for the soul family and powerful people I have in my life. I also feel very connected to where I came from, all of my unhappiness and addictions - without them and all of it I don't really think I would have been able to wake up and get free in the big ways that I have. Mostly I am grateful for my whole damn life that has shown me what else is possible, and the sense that I on some level chose all of it.

The path of sobriety and yoga for me are one. That is what has shown me the beauty of my soul and helps me walk alongside the power of Grace. It's been more of a going towards THAT, than a going away from what's keeping me bound. That's what gives me support and drive to keep going in the hardest moments. The connection I have built to my heart and to the love in my life is so valuable- I wouldn't risk losing that for anything. The people around me are a reflection of how much God loves me, and that is a mind blowing, heart opening blessing I feel all the time. With that Love I know I can do anything. Grateful, tender and blessed heart today. Thank you. You people know who you are - and you all mean the world to me. Love you and have a safe and SPARKLY New Years Eve!!!! #notjustsoberbuthappy#lovehardlivetrue #awakenedfeminine #soulbeauty#iloveyou #artofloving #awakenedfeminineyoga

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