Awakened Feminine's Soul Beauty Sunday

This is an Awakened Feminine Soul Beauty Sunday note to remind you that YOU are BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL, and incredibly WISE.

Take a moment to remember and connect today to how far you have come along on your journey. And know that no matter what comes up, you can sort it out and get the support from your women to remind you off your beauty and power when you need it. When we do so much fearless work on ourselves, stuff comes up- and we can sometimes lose sight of that BIG part of us.

The same things will come up again and again oftentimes, but it's is up to us to remind ourselves and each other of the option to shift into the greatness that we ALL are! A wise woman once reminded me when I was in a moment of intense self doubt, that I was in one phase of my life and that there would be many more to unfold. I was so grateful for her words because they not only reminded me but helped to to get back into the seat of my power. That's what we are all about.

We LOVE and CHERISH you. Go to the Awakened Feminine blog for some extra special soul beauty support, look out for our next meeting and stay in touch with us!  


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