Morning! Photo from a meeting last week at one of my fave spots in LA #cafegratitude. Today I'm so grateful for the practice of #kirtan and #meditation. They have both helped me learn how to become real with where I'm at, and begin to trust myself and God in deeper and deeper ways. Touching the parts that are beyond thought and even emotion allows for a deep acceptance of what is. Here's some wisdom from #ramdass on chanting. "You start doing chanting as technique. You start to sing ‘Shri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram.’ You start thinking it means, Honorable Ram, Hail Ram, Hail Hail Ram. Then after an hour you stop thinking about all of that and you are just singing it. You are realizing the aesthetic of the music and how beautiful it is. Then after a while it starts to go deeper until your heart is just singing, it’s singing from inside you. Then there’s a point where true Bhakti starts - where dualism ends and you become like the chant. You are in a space where it’s not emotional anymore. It’s moved into the deeper, intuitive quality of love. Touching that love leaves you with trust in the method and trust in where the method takes you—trust in the Beloved and trust in how you get there." #awakenedfemininespirit #beloved #within #devotion#bhakti #loveandserve #love #chant #mantra#ramramram

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