What I've learned ...

Some insights from a day of teaching and healing...

1. I am an uncontrollable fire and sometimes that scares the shit out of me. I like to work under other people who are unafraid of that fire. People who can teach me about how to use it for good. Inside you there is a fire so bright, so warm, so wild and free. But wild can be scary too. It's why I love fire so much, always have even as a naughty teenager lighting fires in the woods. I love sacred circles where people share their truths and their uncomfortableness, vulnerability. It's probably why I love the heat, a life of transformation and healing, and why I love to swim and chant so much. Sometimes, you gotta cool that shit down. ; )

2. Some people in yoga class do NOT want to be touched. (i forget that often but good to remember).

3. In order to truly be authentic you can't be concerned about being cool. Sometimes that means changing small things that are you comfortable in, for instance a "cool" hat. Lol- Even the way we dress and look - it's all an exploration so try out something new and let loose a part of yourself that is perhaps in "hiding." Especially if it's not cool.

4. There is something that happens for women when we connect to our wildness that makes us want to take our hair down and unbutton, or remove, tight jeans. Not sure why, but it happens. And it's awesome.

5. Past hurts that live inside us come up and are avoided through the dramas we create. Obviously right? But that doesn't make it any easier to not fall into that rabbit hole. Sometimes they are big things that require solid, loving support. They are there to be seen and moved though so we can be bigger and stronger and happier than ever. 

6. One of my deep desires is to be able to look into the eyes of another person suffering and see them and tell them that not only do I know what it's like, but I truly know it will be ok. Even better than ok. 

7. People are moved by your authentic voice - no matter how different it may be - when you don't hold back your truth it resonates deep inside another person in a way that they will value and appreciate. This is so important for all of you teachers out there. We all need to be loved to feel safe enough and and be big enough to trust, to let that voice OUT!

8. Things are always, always, easier said than done. : )

9. Oh and I love you.

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