Hummingbird Prayers

Oh but when the skies arrange themselves so thoughtfully, I cannot deny that you are listening. Cracking jokes, laughing and loving all the hummingbird prayers. đź’—

Does the hummingbird ever wonder if she's taken too much, not enough? Is there guilt hanging around her neck for having too many ideas but wanting rest? Does she ever stop to ask permission, or say I'm sorry for no reason at all?

Like watching a scene out of a movie she remembers her part in the making of the story. She turns quick on the perpetrators she's kept around for safety and yells BOO! She grabs them, kisses them hard on the mouth, and carries about her business.

The bluejay warrior spoke to the hummingbird one sunset. Words floated by but she knew in an instant she didn't have to ask anymore, that it was just ok to be herself. It's ok to be funny, and loud, too much or too serious sometimes. The bluejay wonders all the ways she's felt unheard or angry, wishing she would rest her busy mind on a beautiful sky.

But hummingbird's not worried one bit. For she knows the pounding of her sweet, strong ass heart and how 
to follow 
the call.
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