her lord's embrace


you can be who you long to be, you can free

your wild heart

in a dream cherries hang from a cedar tree

 this long night moon

who knew how red she could get

this heat moon, then the coolness of

waiting, wanting, wisdom flowing like

a river right through her she sits

subdued, and still she looks intensely

for the wolf to appear  

around the mountain, while she listens

whispering your name into the sky

she can't help but wonder

when you will come again. she has always 

wanted to know everything anyway.

pure as your body at dawn she wakes 

so close but still nowhere near

she feels the spirit woven so clear 

her heart just aches and aches and then

opens,  embraced  by you. her bruised

knees are a familiar story, but with you

her life starts to change for the better

you can be who you long to be, you can free

your wild heart

the sound of these birds call her back to rest, 

they sing to her as she sleeps stories of 

feelings and how uncertainty can be more

exciting than having a life planned

she wakes up happy even though

she can sense  the landscape 

of a life here that is almost over. 

feeling everything coming she starts to burn

inside and then the song returns

consistent like the beauty of  the wind

do not be held or bound by this Love, it is too

pure, too good for you to escape. 

don't try so hard, just give and take from me

like a mother in the desert on a wool blanket

she is soft still and steady, ready to share 

her wisdom. without words she holds 

your hands in hers and divinely loves

you to unknown depths of your

soul, she sings to you, you spin together

and dance, naked under the stars-

helping each other heal while expanding

your capacity for Love to include everything

there is and was and can ever be

you can be who you long to be,  you can free

your wild heart

she wakes up again, stands up quickly

breathing in this fresh air, dedicated to

living a life only of service to her lord

helps her remember who she is, a soul

untethered shows up and just does

her work. her connections,  ecstatic,

deep cut, profound love abounds.

knowing this and nothing at all

she sacrifices it all

into the fire of her lord's embrace.

you can be who you long to be,  you can free

your wild heart.



Adriana RizzoloComment