Mountain Movers

Why not talk about and remind each other of the times when we are GREAT!

As women, we LOVE to talk. And it so healing and therapeutic for us too. And sometimes, even just getting comfortable talking to other women is a big step. But then, we start to learn what is it we even want to talk about? Of course we want to shut up and listen and acknowledge each other's hurt and sadness and validate the parts of us that go unseen, but we are also here to lift each other up! And there are many ways to do that.

One, is by bringing up a time when we saw each other in our power and wisdom and really going for it full on. Because we all just forget. Is a part of the game on a path of transformation and evolution. And a reminder like that can pull is right back into that state of power. So, who can you reach out to today and thank for being a mountain mover? More importantly are there any women in your life today that you feel could use that reminder? That maybe are a little discouraged or unsure today? Go for it! Let's start this Monday and Mercury retrograde out RIGHT! Xo ‪#‎awakenedfeminine‬ ‪#‎soulbeauty‬