Transform your Crazy into Creativity Practice for the Ladies ...

This is a story for women.  It will inspire you to turn your crazy into creativity.  DO you ever notice how when you go into a yoga class there is a subtle pressure to act a certain way.  Like happy or spiritual or something, which sometimes is true and othertimes makes you feel worse about where you're at?  And in life, do you ever have a moment where you feel like you're going crazy?  Like you can't handle what's happening to you?  I do.  Maybe it's not just something in my outer world, maybe it's hormonal or a difficult inner struggle I'm facing,.  If you have had an experience of these crazies then I am here to tell you it's all a part of the process of being a Goddess Warrior.  It's part of being an awakening woman, and you are not alone.  When we feel that way we are fully believing the stories of our thoughts and feelings.  And our energy is most likely all up in your head.  That, my sweet beautiful sisters, is where YOGA comes in. Typically when we get into this space we are not experiencing ourselves or our lives as happy, free, wise, abundant or loving.  So here's a quick little fix to get you back into your power for when you need it. 

I am going to share some practice tips here for you but it's not always about having or needing the time to practice. A lot of times, it definitely is.  BUt is is also about taking charge within yourself, and in a gentle, loving but fierce mamma kind of way acknowledging your strength.  Acknowledging how far you have come.  Being a yogini and living your life from that seat of wisdom.  Having a place to come back and home to - not just externally in our practice, but within.  

That being said, we have to have tools and a connection to who and what we are beyond all of that in order to be able to know where we are going.  To have the freedom to come out of hiding.  Typically when we get into that space, we are are hiding from the happy, free, wise, abundant or loving creatures that we undoubtedly are.  Here are three practice tips, 2 chants and a yoga sequence to release tension in typically stress bound parts of your body and get you back into your power for when you need it.  As a result your mind will stop doing the leading, your body and heart will get loud and shove the critic out of they way.  You can do one part of this practice or all of it, in your own way and in your own time. Your intuition and body is the leader of this pack.  So let's get into some tips and tools ...

1.  Don't leave your crazy at the door.  One of the best ways to wake up your body and get in touch with all the pleasure and wisdom it holds is to not leave you crazy at the yoga studio door, but instead - take it with you onto the mat. THis way as you connect to your body and spirit and all that is NOT your mind you can invite healing into your practice.  You can be you and not pretend like being spiritual means that your not crazy.  Anyway it's usually the opposite ; ).  Because your "crazy"  or even your pain and suffering for that matter, can be the doorway  to get more fully present in your body and empower you towards a deeper presence and self-healing.  

2.  At it's core your body is incredibly loving, and holds the power to help you heal, expand and CREATE!  As women, we can turn crazy into creativity pretty easily if we want to..  We're really good at that.  Think about being crazy in love and how much creative energy flows through you in those times.  Although it can be influenced by a person, place or thing, that Love isn't dependent on your external circumstances (it feels like it sometimes).  It's right there in YOU.

3.  Yoga is about that connection to Love, as well as self-awareness.  How we relate to ourselves, and to Spirit.  What will take you into a whole new experience of yourself - a whole new incarnation?  Just because it's spiritual doesn't mean it should always be calm and soft.   It can be loud and emotional to work through inner stuff to get free.  Going deep doesn’t have to be a sign of something wrong, it only means  God loves you, and is allowing you to feel his support, while you work on the healing. You can experience and allow the yoga practice or chant to be a mirror of that Love for you.  Use it as a way to release and let go of who you think you are.  Connect to what you deeply care about as you chant and offer up anything that comes to the power and fire of the Spirit and essence of this practice.

Watch THIS VIDEO to get centered and soft while chanting to Ganesh. The energy in this chant is deep and primal, and Ganesh is known to be the Remover of obstacles, Mother of new beginnings. Take big breaths and open your mouth wide when you sing. Connect to your intention of how you wish to heal and what you want to be free from.  Mostly see if you can use this practice to connect to the part of you that is fearless and knows you are NOT your obstacles anyway.  YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE!

Next, choose any or all of these poses and when you do them, put as much energy into your awareness of your body as you do into your obsessing about what is wrong with you or her, or what you don't have that you want.  Try to get CRAZY in each pose or breath or word as you chant or do this practice. The further into the moment you go the more your crazy will be met with a TON of LOVE.  

* Simple seated head rolls.  Start with you chin towards your chest and very gently make circles with your head.  Practice being gentle and loving like you would with a child that needs love.  Inhale through your nose, and connect to your nurturing feminine energy and exhale out of your mouth to release.

* Supported Bridge pose- Setu Bandha Sarvangasana.  Take a block or a rolled up blanket under your sacrum which is above your tailbone.  Place your feet in line with your hips and under your knees.  Feet parallel.  Interlace your fingers behind your back and lift your chest.  Allow the fluidity of your pelvis to sink and and FEEL the support of the block or blanket.  Keep your eyes open and soft and take 3 to 5 minutes to be here and connect to the wildness and expansive energy that lives in your sacrum and pelvis.  Use an intention to connect and your breath here to do the work. You are building a relationship to the this fluid, wise and powerful part of your self while opening up the chest and releasing tension in the back through realignment. Expand and open your chest space and heart - both physical as well as the energetic heart center in the middle of your chest.  Let yourself get connected and free right in there!

* Downward facing dog- adho muka svanasana.  Stay one to three minutes in DD with your feet hips- width apart and knees bent and with the center of the knee in line with the senter of the ankle (take a peek at them). Stretch the bones of your arms super straight and make sure your hand are placed in line with your shoulders and slightly turned out. Reach your sit bones high and use deep inhales in your nose to lengthen your spine and awareness to your lower back.  Exhale out of your mouth to release tension. 

* Child's Pose- Balasana.  Have your knees a little wider than your hips - hips reaching back to heels.  Keep your knees close enough so you can feel the support of your thighs on the sides of your body. Take a moment to get grounded and feel the energetic pull of the earth.  Honor that energy and give gratitude for that protection and embodied sense of Love that the Earth gives us.  Use the same breathe here as in DD, except here inhale and connection to any frustration or hurt or anger and exhale it out of your mouth and into the earth to release.  Your resentments won't affect her.  She is one of the most power mother's there is!

* Triangle pose and Half moon pose.  Here are video instruction by Geeta and Mr.Iyengar himself on Trikonasana and on Ardha Chandrasana.  Both are great expansive poses for when you feel contracted. Connect to yourself while in them using your breath and literally expand your energy out past your body.  Try it, GO nuts, I dare ya. ; )

*  For the hamstrings do a standing forward bend, uttanasana- feet in line with hips, hands on blocks if hamstrings are tight or on floor under your shoulder if open..  Stretch your legs super straight listing kneecaps all the way up to your hips energetically.  Lift and spread your toes and let your head hang, jaw relaxed, release your spine and shoulders here.  Breathe naturally here but get CRAZY about pressing all corners and edges of your feet down into the ground.  Release and expand your energy our as you stretch your legs.

*  If you know you can practice shoulder stand-Salamba Sarvangasana and any inversion like headstand- Sirsasana or a full arm balance  safely - that is a great pose to quiet your crazy. Also Virasana- heroes pose is incredibly grounding and empowering.  If you don't know how to do these poses safely, find a teacher that can teach you the correct way to do them so you get the most out it for your body and you avoid any injury.  They are all really an important part of the physical practice.

*  Savasana- corpse pose.  Don't skip it.  Even if you choose one pose to do take at least 2 minutes lying on your back relaxing and releasing into the abundance and supportive energy of the earth of all the goodness in your heart and body.

End your practice with THIS CHANT to Lakshmi.  Connect in this soft and open state to who you WANT to be as a woman and sing with that awareness and the intensity of your own experience of life right now. Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance, possibility, awareness of what is True.  Let yourself unravel into the energy of goodness that she, and this part of you holds. This chant is super loving and will help shift you from impossibility to an anything is possible state.

And reach out to a woman you love and trust and allow yourself to be heard.  As women we heal through conversation so much. If you are looking to cultivate more empowered connections with women check out our private Facebook Group page with almost 500 amazing women from all over on it.  And reach out not he contact page if you want to schedule a private session to work more intimately with me. 

Lots of Love and Respect,






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