Sober Celebrations...

One of my favorite things is to inspire and support women get HIGH on the True Love and connection within themselves, rather than on weed, cigarettes, or toxic relationships. It's so soul satisfying when a woman makes any effort (failed or successful doesn't matter), to live in her truth over habitual tendencies and conditioned behavior. 

In my experience being a mega stoner(although part of my path of course), was my way of hiding and avoiding my self. Big Self, little self, grief, trauma, bliss, joy- the whole thing was covered up under anxiety from not living in alignment with my heart and weed smoke. Underneath it all I was craving deep love, care, attention and connection. I still do crave all of that naturally in moments of disconnect. But now there isn't such a thickness there anymore, although things are def more intense in both directions. I believe we all long for a connection to a Love that lasts on some level don't we?

Anyway this isn't a post to start a philosophical debate around who it's good for and who it isn't, but I do want to say if you are a woman who struggles with sobriety, especially from weed - and there is a voice inside you that knows it's a life and love sucker for you- let me know. Because I get it. smile emoticonAnd If I can't help you I definitely know someone who can.

Because I care a lot and I truly believe that you can be a Love Warrior if you want to. Powerful shifts and transformations can begin when we simply open up to each other's support as women, as friends- as the sisters that we are.

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