California Update - NYC I'm coming for YOU!

Lots of space and taking time settle into a new life here in California. Living with a new standard - spending so much time outside, listening, writing poems, gardening. Long ocean swims and floats, big beautiful hikes, seeing what's around me in a different way everyday. On my best friend Taryn Longo's birthday we got to sleep on cots and watch shooting stars in her yard with her sweet little babies snuggled between us. A true dream I didn't even know I had come true. I've been mostly exploring places alone and rekindling my ‪#‎naturalfreedom‬ love affair- allowing the ‪#‎wildwoman‬ I've really connected to here just reveal herself day by day. People say a lot .. "Woah Brooklyn to Topanga Canyon, do you have culture shock?" And my honest response is that it feels like for the first time in my life living somewhere I finally don't. Like being in India. It feels like home. 

Yesterday I randomly (not so) felt called to stop and found some amazing caves Not too far from my home. It's incredible what you discover when you can be spontaneous and new. Today felt like a big day in visioning for my life and expansion of our women's offering Awakened Feminine. Although I'm still "doing", I'm much more at peace and at home in a lot of ways. I'm learning how to absorb being in a soul-place of trust, creation, building, just enjoying. 

When you have a dream you have to keep working towards it, praying for it, shifting into a high vibe around it, feeling it, and investing in positive support until it happens. All the terror, mostly your own mindf*cks and naysaying emotions, grief and the people (mostly your mom, hi barb;) that will say.. "Yeah but isn't it too expensive there or yeah but how will you.." Moving through that stuff too seems to be a part of purification process of becoming someone really ready to live their vision. It's one way I believe we learn about courage and another way we get to experience transformation.

Love you NYC and I do (kinda) miss you- definitely miss my people - I'll be back end of August for a couple cool women's workshops and I'll be seeing clients : both healing haircuts at a studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and Empowered Embodiment privates in Soho which include therapeutic yoga, energy work and chanting for all you beautiful women looking for support and expansion in your ‪#‎femininefreedom‬

Email me at to schedule a session and visit my site for upcoming workshops AND to get on our list for weekly Love Letter's and updates on AF's expansion. : ) 

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