Now your magic heals erupts & over-flows.

the waters that heal you flow with purpose and rage :: self- doubt magically transforms into wise ways of making it all work :: you begin to move quickly towards that which calls to the depths of adventure & that big burning sun in your chest :: you realize you've been following her all along :: you're moved by everything alive :: effortless sleep :: no sleep at all :: an untamed language emerges from a body that feels as soft as you have always cared, ache to be :: calling to the self- healer :: an inner- elder awakens :: a collective song is shook up inside :: outside you are held so deeply it surprises you :: no longer waiting :: every time now that tenderness met, held :: like an eternal surprise party with all your favorite people loving you :: someone's story had your arms held back but now your hands untamed, free- like your heart, the sun :: you realize sometimes gentleness looks like a yell in the night into the open air, to the animals forced to listen :: like an ancient blessing the natural world is ready, willing to receive :: nature too is loud in its stillness, so she gets it :: now your magic heals erupts & over


Adriana RizzoloComment