Who needs balance when you've got a Wild Heart?!


There is an innate knowing in all of us as women that is drawn what is natural, wild and free.  We crave it, long for it, scream, sing and cry out for it though everything we experience. So what opportunities we do have as soul connected, Spirit loving women to help each other heal and reconnect to it? What brings us into our true feminine, into a balance of masculine and feminine energy, into that innate sense of wholeness, is a true connection to that natural, wild and free Spirit and wild heart we all long to taste and live from.

When spiritual teacher David H Wagner talks about masculine and feminine energy from the Indian wisdom and mystical traditions, he says... "you can think of water and wetness, a flower and it's fragrance, a drum and its sound, fire and its heat."  This reminds me how NATURAL it is for us to be in balance.  And how as we return to our natural state of being, our masculine and feminine energies naturally become, "balanced".  In my own experience of awakening, coming into my feminine energy was a big part of the balance, but it was something that happened naturally as a result of a commitment to liberation.

When we are in a relationship and connection to Grace, our wild hearts, grounded wisdom- we can trust that the energies within are coming into a place of balance because that is what is natural and ultimately True. Being balanced is another way of saying that we are connected to what is real and true and we are working on our awareness and growth. Not perfectly, but we are committed to it. When we fall out, we do what it takes to come back in.

Otherwise it feels like something we have to constantly do or even worse think about, or some state to be attained and then lost. It's about being on a path and staying committed to Truth and practicing what lights our heats on fire. And although it's not always easy, that will for sure balance your energies! 

These days it has become trendy to awaken and reclaim the Goddess.  There is a deep calling that is collective and beyond all of us, and it's really cool. I know one of my deep purposes here in this lifetime is to bring that deeply connected feminine power into the world through my work. 

But it's not just about us all doing the same thing,  because what that upsurging of feminine energy will look like for each and everyone will be so vastly different. How it will play out  and help create new lives will feel similar, and that's how we can support one another, but it manifest differently for each of us. 

Reclaiming the goddess is less about being a certain way, and more about an intention to know who and what you truly are. Building trust in unconditional Love through practice, trial and error.  From that place, and everywhere in between, sharing your unique gifts and talents- this is the coming together of all energies, that sense of wholeness and the play of coming in and out of it- the satisfying taste and sweetness of your soul expressed fully.

At the same time, you are healing so much ancient and primal pain and suffering, so be gentle. And in particular, anyone who identifies as a woman who is involved in transformation and self-growth, as you free your voice and heart, and open up to Love, you are healing generations of collective suffering. Simply by walking your imperfect path of liberation you are helping unlock an immense feminine freedom. 

The Awakened Feminine seeks out to cultivate a pleasurable connection to Spirit and to her Wild Heart, so she can be taste okayness  in moments of radical aloneness and secure, safe enough to share that delicious and wild feminine energy in relationships where she is respected, fully seen, heard and loved. This connection with Spirit is her guiding light.  It is her Truth, beyond what the mind can know.

Man or woman connecting to your masculine and feminine energies is also about connecting the the sparkly energy of your soul that knows how perfect, infinite and impermanent it all is.  The part of you that does the balancing and knows what needs to be healed.  In all honestly- you don't even need to know. Even if that means making it an intention to get clarity around that knowing, that's where we are always at anyway.  

If you are looking to learn more and really connect to your WILD HEART check out David's Meditation retreat Wild Heart- Quiet Mind at Omega Institute.  I have had deeply transformative awakenings on this retreat and I highly recommend it!!

Email me adriana@awakenedfeminine.org  if you have any questions!!

Lots of Love,


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