Radical Aloneness in Faith

"Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark."  ~Tagore

Radical aloneness is about being kind and loving even when you're alone. In the quiet places we so seldom reach. It's about learning to love that space and everything inside it.

Not perfectly but with commitment. It's a choosing to be where you are with amazing, gut wrenching, throat choked honesty. With tear filled eyes or with a big ass smile.

We want to see you. All of you. A decision to choose your life with whom you are with or without, as opposed to life just happening to you. It's a way of "grabbing life by the balls", as we say in jersey ...

It's an empowered way to stand exactly where you are and have that be where you start. Not once you get rid of your anger or jealousy or shame or fear or you accept some other way of being.

It's a learning how to truly love YOU no matter what, and be as naked and free as we we're when we came and will be when we leave.

It's about joy and not being afraid to express our intimate, vulnerable creative selves. The ones that only we can tap into and share.  

I am helping women find their voice, and build an authentic connection to Spirit. Together we explore the sacred space of the womb, expand the healing energy of the heart and discover the power of the feminine soul. Why? To get support in making shifts in your life that will bring you into a bigger space and world that reflects your greatness. To learn to trust yourself and share your creativity. To get support around healing from sexual trauma, shame, addiction and living a life absent of pleasure or creativity. Email here to connect and schedule a session.

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