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Courage is not the absence of fear but the understanding that other things are more important.

Happy New Moon!

Hi there! I am so grateful to connect and stay connected with you in this way. Take a deeper breath and feel how connected we always are in our hearts.

Yesterday morning I woke up to an incredible thunder and lightening storm with a massive downpour here in Los Angeles. I knew upon waking up it was an auspicious time- between the new moon eclipse approaching and Shivaratri (an annual holiday in reverence to the God Shiva.) The intensity of the storm felt right in line with the energy of Shiva.

Shiva is the God of destruction and transformation. It's a natural and powerful force within and around us.  It takes away what isn't serving to make space for us to be new and create what is more true and in alignment with our souls purpose.

Sometimes that means something we've been asking for comes our way and we have to find the courage within to accept and embrace letting all parts be seen and vulnerable, other times it comes in the form of a spiritual butt kicking that connects us even deeper to our inner warrior. Either way the result is usually a deeper connection to what is true for us and more freedom to create and live fully.

This new moon in pisces is a time of getting into our emotional bodies and creating, healing for the good of all in our communities, and what feels like to me a time to move into a deeper trust and courage within. Read more about the moon here.The morning storm's energy brought me into a feeling of gratitude and humility for all my mentors, teachers and the many masters that have paved the way.

A wise man I once knew suggested to someone having trouble connecting to God or a higher power that they use lightening as their God. He shared with us how when he first got onto a path he used the ocean for guidance and support. I really related to that. He was a very funny man and shared with passion and excitement how lightening and the ocean are tangible things in the world and in nature you can see, so you can't deny their existence and power. 

Often times in our work with yoga and on a spiritual path, we are connecting to the unseen, but the power and the support is the same. A couple things that have helped me over the years is learning how to see and serve the people I am surrounded by (always a work in progress) and praying the serenity prayer when I go to sleep, when I wake up and pretty much anytime I can throughout my days.  

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
the Courage to change the things I can
And wisdom to know the difference. 

It's been a great support for me especially in super hard moments. It is a massive shift and release and other times it is simply a super sweet reminder of what's really important. A refocus back the source and turning our attention towards the sacredness of the moment.

I've been working with others as a hairstylist since I was in high school and have always loved empowering through beauty and connection. When I stepped more fully into my role as a teacher, women's circle facilitator and healer it became obvious to me that this opportunity for deeper connection and healing can happen within anything we are doing. In healing haircut sessions we get to help you practice feeling good and safe around change and making space for what you are looking to create in your life.

As yogis sand seekers and with the support of one another we find the sacred in the mundane and the teachings in our challenges. I love learning from my students how they connect and remember what is sacred and what brings them courage. 

I have a lot of new classes and offerings in LA - mostly in Echo Park at Yogala Studios- healing haircuts (haircut and Reiki) as well as a weekly chanting and meditation class, Awakened Feminine Spirit circle and I will be leading a Full Moon Class and Circle on the 22nd in Manhattan Beach at Yoga Loft

NJ and NY I will be back for hair, healing and kirtan April 9th for a week reply to this to schedule a session.

May we remember to ask how we can be of service in any given moment and let the extraordinary love within our hearts shine forth. Take care and reach out for support with sobriety, sacred embodiment, haircut love and meditation training.

Work to extricate yourself from the illusion of your own separateness, and then you do what you do in life. And as you do what you do in life, if you’re a shoemaker you make shoes, if you’re a mother you raise your children; whatever you’re doing that is the vehicle through which you express that. It’s like C.S. Lewis saying you don’t see the center because it’s all center. But whatever you are is the center of the whole game, and it resonates out from there. A fully conscious bus driver can affect everybody that’s in the traffic around them, everybody that steps on their bus. 
— Ram Dass
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