Love Says ...

Love says I need a home, but I like it better on the road.

Have you ever felt like you literally gave someone your heart?

I'm sure you have.

A mind blowing mystery how this is even possible, isn't it?

No wonder we get so scared.

Have you felt love come so deeply that you could collapse?

We empty to fill, and fill to empty.

Is there anything more powerful than a heart so tender?

Trust takes practice, or a miracle.

When we say yes to love, do we not get asked to open more?

Love infinite and life precious.

When beauty emerges like the smell of jasmin, do you let it move you?

A soul so free the body pumps light.

Have you let Spirit come as Love so true that your mind got lost?

Letting go dancing down a mountain.

When love comes to heal you, where do you run?

Opening to the great One.

Some say I need a home, but me, well I just like it better on the road.

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