This beautiful soul sister @howtohairgirl has been an inspiration for me from afar and her kindness helped me connect to my creativity in more expansive ways. Read my some of my interview and here all about addiction, sobriety, healing and hair! 

We never know what we truly feel until someone asks, and our passions are %100 revealed by others inquiring. That's why I love leading circles and connecting with people one on one. 

Roxie truly turns competition Into conscious collaboration and I love her for the light she shares! 

 "I want to empower more connection and love into the industry and help other stylists enhance their abilities to be vessels for love and creative energy. I feel strongly about bringing more health and naturalness to the beauty industry. I cut hair according to a persons natural texture and the way they will wear it, and I support locally made products as much as possible. I find others to be exuding beauty most when they feel good and connected to that which is below the skin or hair. It’s not that it doesn’t matter, it’s just that when that kind of attention and care comes from an inspired place within we literally see differently. When we learn how to connect to a moment deeply, which most stylists do all the time, we heal ourselves and others. It’s my favorite thing about people that love doing hair and I want to see more of our naturalness exposed, appreciated and accepted in both people and the products that we use. Moving away from corporations that hurt and towards supporting people that help. We can do this by supporting local brands and salons in your town and as stylists shifting the way we see ourselves from not good enough to change agents that can reach so many people with our love!"

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