The Art of Seduction - the Power + Pitfalls

“I have been all things unholy. If God can work through me, God can work theough anyone.” -St. Francis of Assisi

Reclaiming our Power to Heal, Charm and be Called further into this Life of Divine Love


Few of us will trust something we can’t directly feel. On the path of Bhakti yoga (Yoga of Love), we have this unique opportunity to taste and be lured in to a more real and trustworthy experience if life.

No one I know wants to put her worth on something outside, yet it is common for many of us to seek some validation, somethintg that will say ... “YES! YOU’RE HERE! I SEE YOU! YOU BELONG!” I believe there is something really healthy about this, and I also know the dangerous and gut wrenching trenches of giving your power over to another. This is where the lure of God/Goddess comes in. 

In devotional Tantra we view all aspects and thoughts as the creative feminine energy called Shakti. So nothing is left out of the sacred and anything can be felt as an experience of divinity. The painful experiences in life so seldom remind us of our wholeness, but if we’re willing it can all become what the spiritual teacher Ram Dass calls .. “grist for the mill” (of our awakening/evolution).

In a day and age where we can “choose” our spiritual path and what it includes, we can miss out on a really beuatiful aspect of re-connecting to our true nature, which is the allowing, to unknowing, the openness to be seduced and surrendered by a force greater than us.

When we have found the sweetness of what I ‘ll call the “Lure of the Lord”, we naturally dissolve seeking validation on the outside and come to the only things that we get to take with us in the end.

How much we truly loved

How to let go

and perhaps …

How to fall into prayer

In an awakening life we are asked to look at and face the pain of our attachments and in learning how to attach in secure and healthy ways, we are shown all the habitual ways we cling to what is familiar. It’s important to cultivate gentleness with ourselves as we grow at the rate that only we can, and to find places where we can held in who we are with unconditional love.

The power that meditation plays is not one of numbing our senses or quieting our mind even. One of my teachers Baba Muktananda would say about the mind …

“You have to stop chasing the mind getting rid of thoughts. Your mind is simply a limited form of the creative consciousness That creates infinite worlds And therefore your mind is going to create infinite worlds on the inside, so a way to look at them is to say everything that arises in my mind is an aspect of Shakti, an aspect of goddess.  So if you look at your mind as Goddess,  everything that arises within it as part of goddess, then your attitude Toward your mind will become more naturally Reverent, and your mind will start to behave — your mind will start to give you a break.”

The transmissions we can receive come from karma I believe, as well as our willingness to open to them, which meditation plays a huge part in. As always it’s all a messy Mystery but cluess ans checkpoints along the way I believe can shape our destiny. 

There are deeper awakenings that the pain of coming home to the body offers such as compassion, exploring and holding intense feelings for ourselves and another as opposed to only identifying with consciousness out of the body and using our practice to deny this life and world.

The wrathful feminine Durga and Kali Ma that shot me in the heart with an arrow and seduced me to take her as my bride, my lover, my soulmate. The Goddess of abundance Lakshmi has held as sustained me even as an ocean in times of an intense financial and emotional bottom ridden with mental anguish and pain and Saraswati led me here all along revealing the beauty in the heartaches and sadness and the power in us to heal and reclaim through writing and singing.

They have all seduced me and sharing their Love and power with this world has both completely destroyed me and make my life shine brighter than I could have ever imagined.i have also tried to give this power away to men, spiritual teachers and anyone who would come along and take it. I come from a long lineage of women as many do, who have given and had their power taken away by those around them through abuse and neglect. I had to learn the hard way what it means to truly know and trust yourself. And this is always in a work of art in process. 

Many mystics and saints in history have found this seduction with Spirit. An overwhelming attraction to connecting to that which they could not see but could taste, sense and receive. I can relate more to this than I can to the devotion to a worldly life at times, which is why that is my work in this lifetime. I believe this merging is the path for many of us in this phase of our evolution.

So when it come to relationships and love, it is still for most people … messy and passionate or boring and safe. And of course everything in between. But I have faith is us, in Love. I have faith in the ways we are learning to communicate more clearly, and take off the brave faces in exchange for the vulnerable ones. In the admittance of our lies and acknowledgment that non clarity and commitment, the secrets we keep from our lovers creates barriers to intimacy, joy and beauty. I have faith in us as a humanity and more so in the Earth and her powerful ways of sustaining, however grim it can seem at times right now. 

It's easy to get seduced by things, people on the outside. Maybe they have something we want, or we are projecting what we want on to them. Maybe we have tasted a power in their presence and we want to give the love we feel back to them. Maybe we have rushed into something out of fear of facing our consequences, our pain, or saying no and losing love again. It’s all human and how we learn.

A young woman who just begins to feel the overwhelming power of seduction and love in her own body and wants nothing more than to feel the love she never got from her father. And there he is, one who happens to need an endless amount of attention to feel whole. In some ways, a perfect match, in others a recipe for stunted growth and disempowerment.

I ‘ve made my way through cuddle tents, rejected massages from men named Hanuman at festivals, made Love while others watched. Fell in love with my best friends and experienced the extreme best and the worst love in history. We call it art because it’s messy and full spectrum. To know the true light of something I believe we asked to explore the dark, the shadow of it, of us. I ‘ve felt the lure of attraction pull me towards people who could not have my back, even when they said they did and I have been seduced in the sweetest ways imaginable.

Spiritual love and human love are different, although they possess many of the same qualities and lessons to learn from. I didn't have to find the dark Goddess, she found me. 

Awakening to her power, to the innate power in your own own heart eventually leads us out of living in fight or flight, although the ways that she can move and shake us might take us further in first so we can get real about what we are working with. The art of seduction in the spiritual sense when truly directed toward God and Goddess, to nature and your own intuitive breath and awareness can cultivate a long lasting connection to a trust and love within that is so juicy!

Creating and then nurturing a foundation where the mystery of intimacy can dance , play, swirl, dance move, jump, laugh and come alive within your own heart is the essence of the Art of Seduction. We are always playing some game with life, with another, there is always unconscious at play underneath who are pretending to be.  We don't want to get a grasp on love, on intimacy, on that which we can always expand further and more wildly into. We want to learn more skillful ways to approach, and allow ourselves to swim in the ocean of bliss from which we came.

Dealing with the shame that arises when we don't listen to our intuition is one way to reclaim and honor who you are in this very moment and be lured into greater freedom through forgiveness. No one has done it perfectly and many have been hurt in spiritual scenes through the art of seduction, making it seem like you will gain by doing certain things and that shame and trauma can be overridden by spiritual states that maybe in some contexts works, but for most it results in a crash and burn.

The reality is that we all have to face our pain and learn from it just as much as we can fall into fantasy and pleasure with one another. When relating there are many layers and for me they vary from the deepest most authentic love to the most addictive and habitual. Love can cause us great pain, and all the mystical saints spoke to this pain and desire to connect as longing. This longing for them was not for another, but for God and for the knowing they could sense but not always reach. Here we are in this day and age with God, and with one another. No one had to figure all this out ans we are all learning.

But this world is here and ready to seduce everyday with her beauty and with her battering. How will we meet her? It's ok to take time to grieve, to cry, to let the messages come in for a period of time before you start putting them out again. How can we lift one another up with reflections of goodness and receive the hidden blessings in the heartbeat of our neighbor, in the whispy clouds and the roling sounds of the ocean coming closer and then pulling away. We are all in constant seduction of the greatest Love that comes from the deepest forgetting.

a prayer for today ... 

I am yours. How can I please you? Show me how to serve you - your presence is infinite, incomprehensible. Your Grace we could never repay but please take the Love we have to give, use the ways we fail to show up with kindness and respect in our attempts to know you better and heal what we’ve been conditioned to believe about you, please burn away our limitations so we may better serve you. Help our eyes be willing to see the greatness of the gifts you have bestowed upon us and our hearts the openness and gratitude to receive them. Maybwe all feel safe in our shame, and learn forgiveness theough your wrath. May our hearts come to know a sweeter and softer love and be forever held in your embrace. Amen.


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