The Art of Loving You (and everyone else...)

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After last month's ceremonies with so many loving and inspired women on retreat at Spirit Weavers, a visit to my gurus ashram, lots of love and support and teaching (where I learn EVERYTHING), I moved through a big block and wrote this letter.

The Art of Loving You (and everyone else...)

To the one that is so loved and still feels alone sometimes.

To the sweet young one inside of me, and to the girl that just made her communion, chose the name Marie and recently started wearing makeup and a pushup bra ...

One day you will learn how to connect and listen to the wisdom of your womb.

Not only that but you will bravely sit inside the fire of love until you feel the fire burning inside of you.

You will help others to heal though your own healing, and hold a strong and steady space for yourself and for others to move into deeper places within.

You won't have to do this alone but at some point you will find the teacher, the adult you've been looking for in all those other faces in the room, is you.

The dark side of devotion and your emotions will come through and knock you off your feet at times for you to learn how to help others deal with and end their own suffering.

There may be many times that you'll lose yourself into some else's trip but with that very same skill you will learn how to merge into the beauty and awe of life.

You will be a beacon of light that shows the way to letting go of the need to know and instead learn to feel the wind caressing your neck.

Someday you will pray to always offer gratitude for the teachers that helped wipe away the sadness on your heart only to reveal more Love.

People will come and they will leave when you are no longer serving them, in the same way that you will resistantly let go of those that no longer serve you, but know that no matter what you are good and so are they.

It may take you awhile to learn about business and men, but honey you will take people to Venus whenever they please.

You'll be confused about how to be empowered and happy without a man to balance your juicy, wild feminine heart and that learning will be some of your most potent medicine to offer the world.

It will be hard sometimes to pick your head up when you feel alone, but you'll have some loud reminders that you truly never are.

Perhaps you'll make big impulsive decisions that will help you learn humility, forgiveness and the art of trial and error.

Through those mistakes you'll also learn how to be your own best friend and supercharged lover.

There may be times where you really want someone else to do it for you, or just to help a little, but all of it will show you how much you're really worth.

You'll learn how to communicate with the unseen and invisible world, and all of it's magic.

The longing and the feeling of aloneness that will end up destroying and taking your father and other members of your lineages life, will somehow end up being your doorway HOME.

When you are clearing what could be lifetimes of abandonments, abuse and addictions you will need good friends to remind you who you really are.

You will need so much care and love, and that's ok.

These brave, tender and precious steps you will take are not only for you but for the purpose of your souls journey.

You will forget often, and that's ok too.

There are women that will need your guidance into their own inner healer and unique path of creative lives and expressing them freely with their voices and bodies.

At times you may feel like you feel too much or focus on the bad because it not your path to numb out this time around, but this will help you to learn how to love deeply and freely.

I promise you will find such an empowered way to live in this world, my sweet love.

You will know what's it's really like to live inside the truth of what is wild and how to be free.

May you always find the courage and tenacity to keep going inside yourself and building a life of your own.


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