My Body Knows ...

My body knows . . .

how to fearlessly fall from Grace. Even inside

the burning rebirths, even inside the shame.

The language of the moon and how to learn

everything my grandmothers forgot to teach

me. She needs light to let go. She is a wild animal.

Full of unstoppable breath, impermanence, nature

and wonder! How to heal the abuse her ancestors

lived through. She has the power to push away and

attract whatever she pleases. Intense energy exchange.

She plays, gets knocked over, and stands back up in it

often. We all walk as eternally loved men and women.

It's the only satisfying solution she's found. She knows

pleasure and joy to extremes. Welcoming and receiving

are her gifts that she loves to give. She knows she is

covered in eyes that never close. They are her intuition

and psychic antennas to transmuting darkness into

welcoming, soul empowered freedom. How to give

from the love that comes form that SuperNatural

source. That full and endless Divine Feminine well.

How to open so fully that all of time diminishes and

simultaneously explodes, like the first orgasm that

created the universe. Speaking of, she knows the

many ways she can orgasm and heal through ecstasy.

How to move with feeling and with no inhibitions. An

uncontrollable fire lives and lights her from the inside out.

She knows fear and pain to no end and uses it to create

and give birth to life. One that will inspire and consider

the well being of others. She knows when she is safe

and loved. There her skin melts with softness as if

saying yes to openness and adventure. She knows

ancient, primal wisdom that my mind cannot bend

itself around. Teachings and practices from places

and lineages so foreign they confirm the many lives

we have lived through to get here. She needs to get

spiritually naked again and again. Sacrificed to the

pyre of love for the greater good of all. She longs to

be naked in the natural world. Stepping with devotion

and reverence in her heart for this Earth and everything

living on it. My body knows how to walk & spread her toes

& run & write & sing & dance wildly & smell & taste & touch

& give energy to someone else's heart through a kiss.

She knows how to kiss. She is a vehicle for Divine Love.

How precious this life is. My body knows and holds more

than I will ever get to this time around. Like a triple kiss

that blows your mind into outer space, at some point it

has to end. My body knows the limitless strength of the

heart she houses. With all of it's birds, hibiscus, hummingbirds,

sweet jasmine, and those roses unconditionally blooming.

My body knows what she wants and the potential I seem

destined to forget. She knows how to take her time on the ride.

My Body Knows more than anything how to forgive.

She knows in her bones,  she is never without Grace.



Adriana RizzoloComment