A prayer from the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine

Your brothers and fathers support, adore, and love you. We are sorry for all the hurts we have brought. And we ask for forgiveness. All we've ever wanted is to see you shine - standing in you power - being the glorious, radiant being of love, that you are.

"I'm not good at being vulnerable" is something I hear so much from the women I work with and have felt a lot of in the past my own relationships. The truth is I never felt safe.  Within myself or within a relationship. There happened to be, like for many of us some great reasons for that.

Staying in our power as women and opening to the vulnerability asked of us in conscious relationships (friends, lovers, marriages) is a big deal for most who have been hurt, abandoned and who have hurt others (who hasn't). Often we all have great reasons for feeling like we're "bad" at being vulnerable.  First of all, let's just say ... we're all pretty bad at it. And, simply because we give a shit, makes us really good at it too.

It's a big growth edge for all of us.  Maybe that's why when we feel ourselves soften inside in the presence of another or with Grace, it's so incredibly profound. Moving past old paradigms of unconscious relating naturally gets messy, people get hurt, we fuck up too. Individual "inner work" is one part, bringing what we learn to our relationships and lives, what one of my teachers would call "where the rubber meets the road" is how we truly see where we're at.

That's where we have the chance to test out our courage, make big shifts and radically accept and forgive ourselves. For the record up until now, I almost always fail that test at least once or twice, with some things so many times.  These wounds, these patters we are in are deep grooves.  They take time to heal. 

To allow ourselves to get close to that Divinity in another person in no small deal.  And, it's an amazing gift we get to share, some of the sweetest nectar we get to taste in life is being close to someone else's heart, as well as our own.

Opening up to vulnerability and honesty is something we can practice within ourselves, trusted friends, our teachers and mentors and with our connection to Spirit so we know who we are, so we can feel more, and be present with what comes up for us while attempting to "walking our talk".  We have all been hurt and have hurt others.  And it sucks.  As women there are ways we can go inside and heal our womb space and reclaim our power and our softness. 

During a recent chat with friend and author/awesome relationships expert Marcus Ambrester about the work I'm doing with women, he asked me to share this prayer with you from the sacred masculine.  

Pause and take a breath and then open yourself to take this into your heart. This is a prayer from the sacred masculine to your hurts and hearts ... 

"Your brothers and fathers support, adore, and love you. We are sorry for all the hurts we have brought. And we ask for forgiveness. All we've ever wanted is to see you shine - standing in you power - being the glorious, radiant being of love, that you are."

I let that sink in, feeling the resonance in my body and my excitement to share it with women I know need to hear that.  Many of us have a history of unhealthy relationships or come from a lineage of abuse and trauma. Healing the father wound is a big thing for women.  On my own healing journey, I am terrified of disappointing others because I have always felt like I was responsible for everyone else's happiness.  That is a story I picked up in the womb, and one I am currently rewriting

We are here to help each other heal old hurts to evolve and experience more joy, freedom and love in our lives. It is up to us to step into and play these courageous roles the Earth and Grace is calling us into. 

In this process of collective feminine healing, along with treating each other as women with more love and respect, we've also been looking at how we relate to men. What's ok, what isn't, what we want, what we don't. How we want to be seen, felt, honored. On our own we've been learning how to give ourselves the respect we want from others, how to care for our hearts the ways we long to be loved, how to get from Spirit all that we have never received. More or less. ; )

Being so dedicated to women's work over these years has been a transformational, mind-blowing and heart opening honor.  Now I have some amazing men in my life that are doing incredible, heart inspired work too. How AWESOME! So what about how we as women see, hold space for and treat men? I've focused so much on how i want to be treated, I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't even really considered deeply up until recently what a mans heart needs.  How can we honor and respect them for all the hard work they are doing?  How do we hold space for their power, feelings and hearts? 

Relating to men has always been an interesting and challenging for me, having a pretty intense father wound and really no great examples of how a women can be empowered and also give a man what he wants and needs in a relationship. What does it mean to honor and listen to men in a whole new way, from this bigger place of empowerment and feminine care? Sharing not only what we need and want (which is a big deal) but stepping into deeper intimacy and truth with conscious men by acknowledging who they are and what they need too. For me, this is a whole new ground as an awakening woman.

I got curious after receiving that blessing to ask what he would want to hear from the divine feminine. This was his response which I will offer to the sacred masculine.

from the divine mother in all of us ...

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry that the grandfathers and the fathers weren't there to teach you how to be the kind of man you're capable of being. I'm sorry that I wasn't the mother you needed to show you how to live with your heart wide open and still grow into your masculine glory. Its not your fault that you're hurting. And now that you're a man it's your responsibility to grow. I can't help you with that anymore. I should have done it when you were young, & I couldn't. I'm sorry. Now, my son, I will love you and support you and honor you and celebrate you. Grow strong with your heart big and glorious, feel the Love and Presence of the Divine flowing through you and holding you. Do it for your daughters, do it for your lovers, do it for me."

We are the ones to heal the shame and suffering of our ancestors. We are the ones to learn how to connect with ourselves in radical ways, with so much love and respect for each other as women and to men in ways that are powerful and healthy.  We are here to transform.  Spirit wants us to know how strong we are. How good we are, how much we can love and be loved. We all have masculine and feminine energies inside us and many of us are here to help each other heal, grow, get free from our bondage to be able to serve the our lives and the Earth with so much Love and consciousness.

I hope this brings you some peace and light to your beautiful heart and soul today and if I can support you on your journey of healing the womb space and connecting to your power as always, reach out!

With Love,


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