Radical Self Forgiveness

Strong feelings arise on this path of awakened feminine spirit. Part of why gentle forgiveness is a key ingredient. How could they not while releasing that which blocks us at our core?! What helps you to stay with it and not turn away? For me is all about support, witnessing, love and forgiveness, permission, and finding a healthy expression for all of it! 

This core place has a voice, and longs to be heard and met with strong love and joy. Giving all parts of us a voice ignites our P A S S S I O N, and helps us uncover our M A G I C. What if I said that your anger was the key to unlocking your potential? Or your insatiable hunger for love your GIFT to serving others with sincerity in this world?! Your shame and self-blame the DOOR to your sacred sensuality?! 

For years I've been learning how to access and heal this core place through meditation and self-inquiry. As I do this work with other women, its SO fun to listen and honor the wisdom of her body and empower her to heal her own wounds, allow space for movement of emotional energy- reconnection with spirit. We're here to help each other claim all parts of our wild wisdom, surrender to the good, and acknowledge unexpressed emotions as doorways to our creative, loving, joyous, turned on by life, authentic selves!

Join me this Saturday at Yogla in LA for a self-forgiveness circle focused one supporting healing from addiction and anxiety!  Sign up early here! 

Adriana RizzoloComment