a 40 day Online Immersion in meditation, sobriety, self-love and creative expression



This Jan 1st, God willing, I will be celebrating my “re-birth” day, my sobriety anniversary of 7 years. I am excited to share with you all I have learned not just about being sober, but returning to the first love I ever had, which is the love I felt and feel with Source, with the Love that lasts.

Over the years of training and research on myself and working with countless others, I have learned you do not have to heal all of your trauma or be free from darkness to experience Love in your life and heart. You do not have to wait for some other time to open to the limitless Love living in you – that Love that began as a promise with the first breath you ever took. You do not have to wait to be good to feel the goodness innate in you and to help others. You do not have to be financially rich to live in generosity and abundance.

You do not have to feel completely safe before you open the sails of your heart, allowing the winds of change to take you where we belong. I know how hard and scary it can be to open to true love, because we know what it means to be abandoned, to lose in this life. Yet opening to the goodness of your true self and unleashing your creative gifts is an essential piece to living in love and free of the bondage that you have inherited. This is just the beginning of a new way of living, and I want to support you in tasting the sweetness and joy available when we praise even in the midst of pain.

Start your new year celebrating you in a new way! Whether you are curious about sobriety, a long time “programmer”, looking for a shift in your routine, want to tune in to an uncovered layer of your voice as a teacher or healer, or working with grief or heartbreak around the heart, we are here for you. In this program we will work together to dissolve any limitations around your expression and create the space for you to develop an authentic relationship to God and the limitless energy of Spirit longing to flow through you and into the world you live in. Together we will embody the soul of what yoga and all spiritual traditions teach in your practice and life. Unafraid and ashamed we will shake off the strangeness, and lift our voices and hearts to the One who is always burning with desire for us to look within.

Who is this for?

The Love Recovery is open to anyone and everyone who has felt the pain of a lack of love and inclusion in their life. For teachers, healer, artists, men and women who have been outcasted in some way, those who have wounding around God and expressing themselves authentically, and anyone wanting to heal their lineage of the shame the creates and is caused by abuse and addiction. To those who are looking to recover, begin living in alignment with their souls purpose and passion. This program is great for any teacher or healer that is overworking and could use a refreshed ear to listen in a deeper way. This is for anyone wanting to practice being really honest with themselves, and taste the joy and connection that comes from that courageous act.

You’ll Receive

A weekly guided meditation and lesson with writing prompts, teachings, contemplations and assignments. Support through out the week in the Facebook community and with me over email. There is an option to get one on one support as well that is being offered at a discounted rate, because this is an important element to include if you can. You will get four videos over the 40 days with practices to help you ground in the experience to your body, and suggestions for practical ways to take the love lense our into your life and into the world. The sacred container of this experience is also a huge and important aspect to how it works. and what you will be receiving. You will find ways to sing out your longing, dance in your desires, and feel whole and holy inside your own skin that work for you. There is a supportive energy that the practice of prayer and meditation will help you become sensitive to and that will be the real healer in the experience. I call this power Grace.

Course Overview

This course will be tailored to the individuals that sign up, as I will have questions ready for you when you arrive in our 40 day Love Sanctuary. Some topics we will explore will be :

  • Power in the Pain

  • Normalizing Prayer

  • Embodying your Sensuality

  • Money + the Purpose of Unworthy

  • Working with Intense Emotions

  • Blame, Shame and Shadow-work

  • Addiction, Sensitivity + Superpowers

Course Cost

I want this program to be accessible so if you can not meet the minimum requirement please email me and tell me about yourself and your desires to get free.

  • Sliding scale $68-108 for the Virtual Training including everything above

  • $188 includes an added 30 min online healing session and check in

  • $248 includes a session in the beginning and at the end

  • You can break this up into up to three payments. Payment must be made in full by the end of the course. There are no refunds.

Please contact adriana@artoflovingyou.com for more information or with any questions you have!



Authenticity Practice


When the hunger for authenticity arises it comes because we are already there, but there is more to be revealed. Here are a few ways you can explore how to get curious about what in you in wanting some attention to come into contact with your most authentic self and a practice to feel the Love that you already are! Email me any insights you have and if you want to work together in a deeper way.