(online and in person)

Join Adriana and a group of seekers for a 4-month healing and transformational journey through practices of bhakti and tantra yoga, meditation, energy healing, chanting and exploring the darkness as a way to uncover your most authentic voice and heart. You will be held in a place to heal and get support in your yoga and meditation practice.

There is a wild and wise feminine presence inside of you. Meditation and inner yoga work allows you to tap into these energies and access this power. There are many external steps we can take to love ourselves, but true transformation comes from a deep connection to Shakti, or the Divine Feminine. Embracing Shakti miraculously creates a container for your authentic gifts and creativity to radiate and flow, supported by a deeply felt wisdom.

Healing comes when you feel your wholeness and invite that part of you to love all other parts. Empowerment comes when you feel safe and heard, and when the well of love inside of you is overflowing. We all long to be heard, felt, and seen in a deeper way. We need one another's support to uncover our authentic voices and natural courage to boldly share our light in this messy world. Receiving guidance through this process allows you to move with ease into an authentic and holistic life where nothing is ignored and all is honored, valued, and held sacred.

These breaths that you are taking right now are so precious. Let us not waste them. May we walk together in beauty, in truth, and in service to Divine Love.

Some topics we will explore ...

Bhakti Yoga + the Power of the Voice

Mantra and Tantra Practice

Bhagavad Gita Study

Explore Sacred Feminine + Recovery Work

Working with the Goddesses as a way to embody devotion + discipline

Building a healthy and loving connection to your body

Learning how to work with energetic blocks in the body 

Find a more authentic and true version of your voice

Connect in to your power to create, facilitate and heal yourself 

Working with challenging emotions and healing shame and guilt

Ancestral healing and clearing

Ritual and practice as a way of life

Digesting difficult experiences

Teaching and facilitating, yoga therapeutics + alignment

Healing touch + energy work

Four Month Mentorship includes:

- 1 private 90 min healing session per month (4 total; in-person or online)

- 8 2 hour master classes on Saturdays at Yogala (approximately 2 per month/varies with travel schedule, live stream and recorded for those long distance)

- 1 monthly Zoom satsang (4 total)

- consistent support from me via email and FB Group!

Master classes will include satsang, breakdown of asana, special guest teachers, time to practice teaching, listening and stepping in to what you want to work on. Open for public to join as well. Will be recorded for those who pay for mentorship.

Active community discussion via Facebook group

Price: $1150 for the full 4 months September-January or $950 by Aug 15th 

Spaces available: 

- 17 spaces total (9 more in person)

- for teachers, sincere seekers, and those with a deep commitment to inner growth, liberation and healing!


Please contact for more information and for a free 15 min call to see if this mentorship is for you!



Authenticity Practice


When the hunger for authenticity arises it comes because we are already there, but there is more to be revealed. Here are a few ways you can explore how to get curious about what in you in wanting some attention to come into contact with your most authentic self and a practice to feel the Love that you already are! Email me any insights you have and if you want to work together in a deeper way.