a 10 week Online Immersion in meditation, sacrifice, self-love and creative expression starts october 15th


 Who is this for?

The Love Recovery and Power of Love online Trainings are open to anyone who has felt the pain of a lack of love and inclusion in their life and who want to reclaim their intuitive awareness, trust and love for oneself and for your life. For teachers, healer, artists who have been outcasted in some way, those who have wounding around God and expressing themselves authentically, and anyone wanting to heal their lineage of the shame the creates and is caused by abuse and addiction. To those who are looking to recover, begin living in alignment with their souls purpose and passion. This program is great for any teacher or healer that is overworking and could use a refreshed ear to listen in a deeper way. This is for anyone wanting to practice being really honest with themselves, and taste the joy and connection that comes from that courageous act.

Power of Love Advanced Teacher Training (open to all)

The Power of Love Inner Yoga Teacher Training focuses entirely on the inner dimensions of yoga: meditation, mantra, kundalini science, and deep study of key sacred texts.

We will focus on The Power of Love, Divine Love (capital L) and your own capacity to love (lower case l), serve, and live your authentic truth. And you’ll get to dive deep into your own process of healing and the yoga of transformation. Course is lead by senior teacher and founder of Living Meditation David Wagner teacher and Power of Love Founder Adriana Rizzolo teaching embodiment, sacred sexuality, and the art of awakening the Divine Feminine

David has been teaching yoga since 1992, Adriana has been teaching since 2007.  We have practiced and taught every limb of yoga over the years and have had the chance to spend nearly 40 years combined endeavoring to live the teachings of yoga. We have seen all the fads come and go and have had a chance to learn from some of the deepest living masters of our time. We want to be your guide on this path of Inner Yoga.

We’ll Explore:

  • Bhagavad Gita

  • Yoga Sutra

  • Yoga Vasishta

  • Shiva Sutra

  • Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

  • Bhakti Sutra

And more!

Module One begins October 15 and lasts for ten weeks. Module 2 begins Feb 18.

The Training is Comprised of:

  • Weekly written lessons: Substantial learning sections to read and study posted on our online learning platform. Each week will have a specific meditation practice with guided meditation audio support.

  • Three group sessions. We will stream the sessions for distance learners. These sessions will include meditation, chanting, sometimes embodiment work, and discussion/Q-A. Dates TBD and recorded for later listening.

  • Bi-monthly “Dokusan” sessions where David or Adriana meet with you individually (in person or over zoom) to check in, offer deep soul support, answer questions, and help you make your work very personal and real.

You’ll have to study, you’ll have to practice, and you will be stretched. It doesn’t take A TON of time but you’ll need to stay with the program for all ten weeks. But if you do…, we’ll help you be the teacher and/or aspiring yogi you want to be. we’ll help you be the teacher your community and this world needs.

Teacher trainees also get massive discounts on the Living Waters Healers Training (Nov 4-8) and India Pilgrimage Retreat (Jan 12-24). We will also have an optional Seva (service) component where you’ll have a chance to help us with our Skid Row Chili Ministry in LA. If you live outside of LA, we will support you to do a direct service project where you live.

Tuition: $1008*

*Hold your spot with a $200 deposit below. Tuition for each 10 week module. Payment plans available email me your thoughts. Discounts apply when combined with other events.

To apply for the training, send an email to adriana@artoflovingyou.com describing yourself and your intentions for the training as well as your previous training experience. Also include a current photo of yourself.

Authenticity Practice


When the hunger for authenticity arises it comes because we are already there, but there is more to be revealed. Here are a few ways you can explore how to get curious about what in you in wanting some attention to come into contact with your most authentic self and a practice to feel the Love that you already are! Email me any insights you have and if you want to work together in a deeper way.