Currently, there are TWO ways to work with me online: six-week course Beloved (March 17—April 21) and ongoing weekly Kindness Calls.
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Join Adriana online for a six-week journey of spiritual teachings and practices that will support your path of self-love and service.

Come, come, whoever you are—

Wanderer; worshiper; lover of leaving—

What does it matter?

Ours is not a caravan of despair.

Come, even if you have broken your vows

A hundred times—

Come, come again, come.        


Our path as teachers, seekers, healers and leaders in Love is a fierce one.  Often times we are asked to really live what we teach, to continue being a student on the path  and to stay close to our own practices.  Beloved is a space to return to nurture this connection.  It is an immersion into the heart and into the innate wisdom and WORTH that lives within your body.  

This six week journey is for you if ...

✴ You are a teacher or practitioner anywhere in the world who wants to deepen your knowledge of transformation, healing, mantra, and inner yoga.

✴ You are craving authenticity and connection to your intuition as a teacher and a healer.

✴ You could use support in your spiritual life.

✴ You want to learn about the goddesses from the Indian mystical traditions.

✴ You long to feel connected to your heart and able to express your truth.

✴ You are facing addictions, pain, heartbreak, or grief and you feel alone in it.

✴ You want your creative gifts to be more easily received by others.

✴ You are open and willing to show up for six weeks and experience a radical shift in your awareness and your life!

Beloved is a space to dive into the depth of our vulnerability and intimacy.  A space free from the expectations to be positive and have it all figured out.  A supported opportunity to work with difficult emotions, such as anger, sadness, jealousy, and feelings of lack and unworthiness.

Beloved is framed by a focus on the qualities of Shakti—or the Divine Feminine. Through exploration and devotional practice to the divine feminine goddesses of the Indian mystical traditions, we will embody the support we crave to heal shame and slay all the demons that still stand in our way.

This gathering will be a space to share mantra, meditations, mystical poetry, teachings from the yoga tradition—including tantra, Bhakti yoga, and the power of awakening kundalini energy and how to work with these. A space for you to learn new things, find inspiration, and fill your cup. 

✴ ✴ ✴

Beloved begins March 17 and will meet online for six Saturdays at 12 PST. 

Included in the course is a 30 minute private healing session, all Saturday sessions available as downloadable videos for you to keep and practice with, and access to a Facebook group where I will be active answering questions between meetings and offering a space for us to connect and check in.

Early Bird: $200 (before March 2).
Regular Bird: $225.

You can reserve your spot with a deposit of $100 (via PayPal).  Second payment is due by start of course. No refunds can be given once the course begins.




The intention
To promote collective practice, grounding us into our inner life of wisdom and kindness. We are here to relieve suffering and increase harmony and joy in the world.

What is a kindness call?
A time for meditation and collective intention. A weekly touch point to bring you back to your wisdom. A way to connect to the state of the world from a potential oriented state rather than a fearful one.

How might you benefit from kindness calls?
Learn, expand or stabilize your meditation practice
Tap into the collective energy of love and compassion
Help keep you on track with your most expansive vision for life
Learn to receive from our world
Have a place that welcomes you each week just where you are
Feel a part of the collective that is grounded in kindness for all beings

What happens during a kindness call?
Wisdom teachings
Guided meditation for ourselves and our world
Collective presence to support your life and offerings in the world
Question + Response

Are calls live?
Most calls are pre-recorded so you can watch and re-watch them at your own timing, Some calls will be live and we will notify of these beforehand.

Is a kindness call for me?

$20 a month for 4 thirty minute weekly calls

How to cancel your subscription

Once you cancel, you will no longer receive videos as of your cancellation date.

  1. Log in to your PayPal account at
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  3. Select Preapproved Payments under "Payment settings."
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Refund Policy

There are no refunds but you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Giving Back
We give a portion of proceeds to support earth and spiritual related endeavors. To know more, please ask us.

Adriana Rizzolo and Olivia Clementine