self-care for the feminine spirit

Yoga for Awakened Living

In these body wisdom sessions, we will connect on a soul level and combine therapeutic and alignment based yoga, hands-on energy healing adjustments and bodywork to get you free and open in your body and mind. You will release stress tension, stuck emotions and trauma from the body while connecting to, and making space for your natural wisdom.



Haircut + Healing

Adriana has been a practicing and licensed hair stylist for over 15 years. You will receive a haircut, while setting intentions on what you wish to release as your hair gets shaped and styled with it's natural and beautiful texture. Haircuts can go with energy healing, yoga or meditation private sessions. haircut + 30 minute healing session of our choice.

Meditation for the Feminine Spirit

In these long distance or in person hour long sessions, we will connect together as women on a spiritual path and you will get the support you need to take the next step forward. These sessions can help you get back into a flow with your creativity, release shame, build trust and intimacy and are great for women in transition.

Voicework and Harmonium

In these special sessions you will use intention and the practice of chanting and kirtan and use your voice to build, deepen, and nourish your connection to Spirit. There is a soul satisfaction and healing in being heard by another women in this way, without judgement or shame.  

All sessions are done in person in NYC or LA and everywhere via Skype. 60 minute sessions are $100 and 90 min sessions $150.  Packages available. Click below to sign up for a session or a free 10 min Skype consultation!



I'm here to help you learn to experience your body as a vehicle for transformation.  We will heal old unhealthy patterns of being in your body and in your heart.  You will learn yoga, meditation, chanting, intentional living and self-empowerment in an un-rushed, nurturing, focused environment.  All levels of experience and body types are welcome!

Adriana’s unique work, showed me how I wanted to expand in a totally unexpected way. She has supported me to unleash my wild feminine through kirtan and to hold space to receive healing through this. What I love about Adriana’s offerings is that they are deep, and so much fun and she meets you where you are. She can be both straight forward and silly in the same breath, while holding the intention of love the entire time. Our sessions were through skype which felt totally natural and intimate, plus it was really nice to not have to pick up and get to an appointment elsewhere. Don’t miss out! Work with Adriana!
— Olivia Clementine