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Learning the essence of Bhakti yoga through this collective has been an enormous blessing – I came out of this class with rich friendships and a deeper commitment to my yoga & meditation practice. Adriana was always easy to reach and she created a loving, supportive space both in person and online. I’m indebted to Adriana and all of the women who made the Power of Love class a judgment-free space for manifesting freedom via honoring the sacredness of the Divine feminine and for teaching me how to lead life from the heart. Maybe the best thing about this class is that it’s never really over... I can still feel all of the gifts cultivated from the PoL resonating within me.
— Casey Winkleman

Divine Feminine Joshua Tree Retreat

Saturday, May 20th 2017  /  2-9pm  /  $125

Join Adriana and friends for a healing day long retreat in the magical Joshua Tree with the intention of honoring the divine femine within through ritual & ceremony

Includes yoga, meditation, dinner, sound bath, chanting + fire ceremony.

Email mindy@yogalastudios.com for more info and to sign up, limited spaces!



The Power of Love immersion class opened me up. I highly recommend it to anyone who has vowed to say Yes, to listen to the little voice inside that wants to shine brighter and to commune with the Spirit in others and to stay present with the Spirit within. I loved the intimacy of meeting with the same group of women every week and the love and acceptance I felt from each woman as we opened our hearts and shared our fears and prayers and dreams. For me, having a spiritual community in Los Angeles is paramount to my survival - I need to be surrounded by people that understand that it is normal to talk to trees, to feel and see energy, to sing to God and the Goddess within, and to hold one another in support and reverence. I am grateful for vision that Adriana has and her commitment and skills in holding space for this community of special women.
— GIna Ross