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Awakened Feminine Yoga Workshop 

a feminine approach to yoga

In this profound workshop you will learn how to reconnect deeply with your authentic feminine power. You will experience a new awareness of your body that goes way beyond intellectual knowledge. This is the essential heart of this practice – and you will discover how to tune into the innate knowing that you have as a woman and operate from there, not just on your yoga mat, but in your everyday life too. 

You will come away with:

  • A stronger sense of self-love – not just as a concept but as an actual experience
  • A greater sense of self-worth that translates to your everyday life. 
  • A deeper connection to your own femininity 
  • A more developed awareness of your body
  • A broader perspective of what you actually need from your yoga practice.


Yoga for Awakened Living Workshop 

the art of loving in yoga

Have you found that you have slipped into or develop patterns around your yogic practice that don’t support an expansion of your awareness? Maybe at times you have felt like you are going through the motions in a mechanical way with your practice, and that you are stuck in your head when you are on the mat. Do you like the way yoga makes you feel but have a hard time finding that same state in your everyday life?

In this workshop you will discover how to bring more awareness and consciousness to your practice and life. We’ll explore how your practice can be used to develop a deeper sense of self-love and extreme self-care, and how you can get into the deep teachings of yoga in a practical and fun way.

You’ll come away with:

  • A stronger sense of self-love that you can carry forward into your everyday life
  • A greater sense of connection to your physical being
  • A more authentic and heart-centered meditation practice
  • A deeper level of awareness, both on and off the yoga mat



Awakened Feminine Yoga Teachers Workshop

As a yoga teacher, do you sometimes find yourself wondering exactly what your students’ need? At times, do you feel like you are second guessing yourself and wondering if what you are teaching is having as deep an effect as you would like it to? Perhaps you have found yourself running from one yoga studio to another and losing touch with your own practice as a result. 

In this unique and groundbreaking workshop you will learn how to stay fully grounded and connected in your own energy so you are able to serve from that place. 

This workshop will enable you to:

Increase your consciousness as a teacher

  • Nourish yourself more deeply in your own practice
  • Develop a deeper commitment to your own path
  • Experience a more authentic connection to your meditative practice