"The process seemed to be more about the catharsis of talking and the gift of having someone do nothing but listen and empathize. By the end of the cut, my eyes were glinting with the beginnings of tears."
                                         —The New York Times

“Adriana has a rare gift. One of the many things I value most about her teaching is the way that she understands and communicates with the physical body of each individual student in her class. The hands on adjustments she makes go way beyond what someone learns in yoga teacher training. I’ve experienced yoga from teachers all over the world but this class always makes me feel like it was tailored to my needs in a very unique and supported way.”
— Sasha Allenby                
Bestselling author, CEO Wisdompreneurs Publishing

“Adriana's knowledge of body alignment is extremely comprehensive, which I find to be really important when seeking out a yoga teacher. However, it’s not just the mere fact that she is a amazing yoga teacher; she really has helped to heal my heart and soul. She brings me on a journey each session, that invites me to change and brings courage, strength, and confidence back into my body."
                        — Natalie Johnson, founder of Runf.i.t

"I’ve been working with Adriana a little over a year now. She has taught me countless mantras. How to play the harmonium. Healed my shoulder injury. Taught me ways to get deeper into my own individual body. And taught me meditations that I actually enjoy. The sum of all these teachings have given me an ability to LOVE and experience LOVE far greater than I would have ever dreamed. "
— Rebecca              

"Adriana goes above and beyond to create soul-filled sacred spaces filled with love and community. Drawing from her own personal experience, as well as her immense passion for radical self-transformation, her classes and workshops make you dive deep into who you really are." 
                                         — Gabby