Living Waters Intuitive Soul Healing Training and Retreat

November 4-8th 2019 at Twin Creek Ranch in Ojai, CA

Living Waters Intuitive Soul Healing is a healing method that draws on many of streams of traditional wisdom, bodywork, meditation, and energy healing traditions to provide a profoundly restorative and rejuvenating healing experience. It combines intelligent therapeutic touch with intuitive energy healing, deep listening, and non-judgmental space-holding.

In this 4 day intensive training, we will initiate you into the Living Waters Method, and train you to not only give sessions to recipients, but also lead group sessions to help introduce Living Waters. The power of Living Waters depends on the giver’s own healing process, so this retreat will also be a deeply healing experience for YOU.

Living Waters, like Reiki, Hands-of-Light, and other healing modalities, is a method of intuitive healing that can be applied in fully dedicated healing sessions, but also can be used in informal ways with family members and friends, and is a great augmentation to other kinds of bodywork, yoga, and holistic healing. It’s great for yoga teachers, massage therapists, chiropractors, parents, sex workers, medical professionals, members of the clergy, hospice workers, midwives, doulas, psychotherapists, school teachers, first responders, and anyone who has a yearning and calling to help their fellow human beings.

It is a practice that bridges the physical and spiritual and in some ways is a magical mystery, and in others is super grounded and rooted in embodying the awakenings we receive.

The retreat will be open to all who want to learn about the yoga of energy healing, boundaries, self-love, holding space and leading with love. We have a big, beautiful space where we will gather to learn and grow and take it to the next level in your receiving, abundance and worth. It’s all connected, and so are we.

Living Waters:

  • Promotes awareness of and deep connectedness to our physical, mental/emotional, deep psychic, and soul-level being.

  • Educates people about their energetic lives and how the invisible, energetic realm penetrates and influences our material and physical lives and vice-versa.

  • Promotes healing of shame, self-hatred, unworthiness, grief, heartbreak, sexual repression, etc.

  • Connects people to the sacred power of their body.

  • Helps people to assimilate spiritual experiences into embodied existence.

  • Teaches people how to build a bridge between their spiritual and material lives.

  • Helps people be more alive, authentic, expressed human beings.

The Experience: The training will be a deep retreat with days full of learning, practice, and your own healing. Our event will be hosted in the Ojai Valley at a luxurious retreat site with sumptuous healthy food, daily yoga and meditation classes, pool, jacuzzi, and more.  The foundation of Living Waters is the healing process of the LW practitioner, so our training will include lots of deep personal work. It’s much more than a “training” our 4 day retreat will be once-in-a-lifetime experience of healing and transformation.

Venue: Our retreat will be hosted just outside of Ojai, California at the GORGEOUS Twin Creeks Ranch.  Follow that link to see their pictures. Not listed on their site is their new world-class yoga studio/learning space. Ojai is approximately 90 minutes from LAX and one hour from Santa Barbara Airport. Carpools from both airports will be available.

Whatever your path is as a healer, teacher, or student, Living Waters will take your journey to the next level. Our life-changing week in Ojai is just the beginning. 

Earlybird Training Tuition: $1700 

($1900 after September 1)

*Includes training, certification, three meals a day and shared room.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place.

*Discounts may apply in combination with other programs.

Spots in this training are very limited, so apply now if you’re even considering it!

Please reach out by email to with any questions to concerns and we can have a chat about it!