This is a program for women who want to deepen and learn to enjoy their spiritual connection and unleash their wild creative power and wisdom.  

This one on one mentorship and coaching is for women and yoga teachers, who are on, or are wishing to walk, a sincere path of self growth. For those who want to really make a shift and opening in their life. This isn't about self improvement, it's about getting the support necessary for your unique and beautiful self-unfoldment. For you to be able to live your life with a connection to pleasure, joy and love, and lead others with soul and authenticity.  

She'll help you connect to the natural power and wisdom that is within you, so you can share intimacy and your voice from that place of bigness and Love. This program is great for sobriety support, releasing trauma from your body, dealing with anxiety and a general sense of disconnection from yourself and your life. We will help you become more confident, vulnerable and in your power as a woman on the path. You will get a customized package to help take you to the next level in your healing, teaching and life.

For yoga teachers in this program you will learn and practice teaching with a deeper understanding of correct body alignment and develop a deeper healing and meditative approach. You will learn adjustments and take your own practice to the next level. It's about helping you connect to the power of your soul, to the beauty of your heart, and teaching from there. In this way, your voice can be yours, and is authentic to you and your experience.  So you can see, hold space for and serve others with more presence and compassion.

We will come up with a plan for your healing, and support you through conversation, therapeutic and restorative yoga, guided meditation, contemplation, voice work and journaling. You will receive weekly assignments and support over email, and 3 videos to practice along with. 

These sessions are done over Skype with a cup of tea or in person in NYC and LA. Looking forward to connecting with you!  This Wild Wisdom program includes 8 sessions and is $1008.