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Winter Solstice Tea & Kirtan: Welcoming the Return of Light

On a summer's full moon along the Hudson River, Adriana and Olivia came together to see how Tea Ceremony and Kirtan would relate.  Taking in the medicine of tea and singing kirtan, the palpable nature of both of these practices immediately took root. Combined, these practices synchronize mind and body, break through old blockages and impart love within oneself and to our world. 

We will spend this evening moving between tea and kirtan. Both practices are innately wild.  Tea and kirtan unleash us in distinct ways for the benefit of the sometimes stubborn human being who can hold onto ways that are no longer desired.  When our wildness emerges, it is steeped in our wisdom.  The wisdom that comes from the contemplative nature of tea and kirtan.  We welcome you to bask in your wild wisdom, in your loving soul.  

| K I R T A N | 

The practice of kirtan, devotional singing, builds a connection to your true nature.  Through kirtan you awaken and send out a frequency into the world which is connected to truth, compassion and joy.  You attract people, places and opportunities  through this frequency found within you and magnified.  You begin to have an awareness around your own energetic vibration.   Through aligning these mantras with what you want in your life, confidence in your full self-expression arises. You move through a process of release and experience freedom, and a feeling of expansion.  You get connected to your core, and to Love with a capital L.  Inevitably, you experience much more flow and ease in relationships and in life.  You become more masterful at creating and producing the results you desire.  You are aligning with the source energy within and you begin to hear your inspirational voice more clearly. 


| T E AC E R E M O N Y |
Tea Ceremony is an embodied meditation and reflects to us ~ our sacred and poignant life.  Each bowl of tea is a welcoming of all the elements, fire water air earth and wind : within us and around us.  Tea ceremony brings us into the areas of our mind and heart that want our attention, with subtly and warmth.  The practice is rooted in traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, but rather than drinking the tea plant Camellia sinensis, we drink herbal teas, hand gathered from the region.  Each steaming bowl of tea has their own healing and offering of awakenment, which we explore as we take in their goodness. 

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