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Vulnerability on the Path - Satsang and Kirtan for Yoga Teachers!

Something I have gotten really good at doing because of my training with Harshada and work with Awakened Feminine, is to hold a space for people to be REAL.  I can't be reminded enough when it comes to be a teacher that it's not about  me. That is is truly about the people we are serving.  My intention is to create a strong, comfortable and safe place for us to look at, admit our challenges and failures, while holding the awareness that we are none of those things!  As teachers this is what helps us the MOST when it comes to teaching from the authenticity of our experience. That and Love of course.  It's not an easy thing to do, but that's why we have each other!

As a yoga teacher it can be so hard to admit that we are unhappy or having a hard time, and that can keep us stuck in patterns of addiction, anxiety, depression and just general unhappiness(the worst!).  I have battled a ton with checking out into "bliss" and not facing and acknowledging what I was really going through on my path.  I have also been fortunate to have support that has really shifted that for me. And it seems like there is a missing piece in the yoga world, to me at least, of the vulnerability and beauty in those challenges and difficulties as teachers.  So much opening and opportunity for softening, for growth. 

This is the beginning of a support system for teachers to come together, be real, and most importantly LOVE each other.  There will be a discussion and time for you to share your voice, and kirtan/meditation to feed positive energy and Love into all of our paths as leaders.  Just imagine how good it would feel to gather and support each other in this intentional way!

I hope you can join!  Please invite any teachers that would be interested!

Email me at for location details!

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