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Women's Kirtan in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Join me at Greenhouse Holistic in Williamsburg for an evening of intention setting and the practice of Kirtan to allow us to get rooted in the power and ecstasy that Spirit has to offer.


"It is the same way with Kirtan. For the bhakti yogi, kirtan is an ultimate expression of relationship with God. In the singing, any feeling can be expressed to God or about God. The chanting can be full of longing or full of celebration. The yogi can express gratitude or sadness or grief or prayerful hope. Also, the practice is a great purifier. With the sounds and music and mantras the chanter is bombarding their physical and subtle bodies with the very highest vibrations. Being in a kirtan can be like an amazing inner/outer bath. But when it is done as a bhakti practice it is not merely for the sake of feeling better. You do feel better, there is no doubt. When this purification happens for a bhakti yogi, the purification is always for the purpose of making their service more pure, of making their connection to God more direct and more intense." David H Wagner