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Tea + Kirtan Maha Rose

Thursday, December 22nd -- Warm Heart Winter : Tea & Kirtan


with Adriana Rizzolo & Olivia Clementine

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Join Adriana + Olivia for an evening of tea ceremony + kirtan. We will focus on nourishing and warming the heart and connecting to one another with the practice of meditation, chanting and tea. 

Each practice is very natural and allows you to go deeper into inner knowing, into that place inside your that is free and ecstatic.  When combined these contemplative modalities reach you in distinct ways, supporting the embodiment of your wakefulness.  Through the meditation of tea ceremony, you will be drinking herbs that Olivia gathers and grows in upstate New York. Adriana will lead you in devotional chanting to shamelessly unleash your innate brilliance, in all the shades that you are.  

Come with all of you.  Your stress, your wonder, you love, your brokenheartedness, your fear, your humor, your sorrow, your bitterness, your joy .......  Let's be together in presence and heart! 


$40 pre-register | $45 day of