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Art of Loving You :: inner voice empowerment at Maha Rose

In varying degrees we are all in recovery. Recovery from heartbreak, self-abuse, emotional trauma, physical's a lot being human and awake in this life. And its' a precious, beautiful, messy journey not to be missed! 

Have you ever found it hard to use your voice or share the longings of your heart with others? Are there any ways of being that don't feel authentic to you but that you can't seem to shake? Would you like to feel more joy, passion and pleasure in your spiritual practice?

The time has come to get spiritually naked and respect the many paths we all get to walk each day, side by side. Let's get honest about where we are and use each other's support to step forward with Grace. In this workshop join Adriana Rizzolo into the natural freedom and vulnerability of your heart and Soul. 

Tuning in to the wisdom of the throat and sacral chakras, you will nurture and honor the wildly loving, wise voice that lives within. We will ignite and nourish your passions as a path of remembering your fullness and perfection. Through kirtan (chanting), meditation and writing you will leave this workshop super charged and with the tools and support you need to keep the Spirit alive in your day to day life. 

Adriana's honest, joyous and down to earth approach makes her workshops transformative, funny and relatable. Her commitment to getting free from addictions, depression and lineages of abuse helps her hold a space of non judgement and deep love for you to open and be held inside. She holds a deep knowledge and reverence for the Indian mystical lineages in which she has trained in and loves to share the songs and meditations that have helped her heal and change her life. Her mission is to empower others to unleash their wild creativity and teach others how to connect heart to heart in a fun, comfortable, intimate, and loving way. 

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